Why haven’t you, at least, tried to build your business?

 why haven't you tried to build your business?



That statement goes out to probably 50% of network marketers who are still waiting for the distributor kit genii to pop out and grant them 3 wishes. The other 50% probably tried, well, at least, a little bit. The average network marketer recruits 3 people over the life of their career. That’s not 3 people into every company but, 3 people total. That’s not nearly enough to be successful.


What’s the problem?


My guess is that most of it has to do with a lack of a good business plan. The rest of it has to do with a distinct lack of training. If you had those two things taken care of, would you actually go out and put them to good use? My guess is, probably not. My question is, why not? Okay, maybe some of you would.


A good business plan will tell you what to do and training will tell you how to do it. Those are the two main things to achieving success in network marketing. You should have those two in place by now. I’ve shown you how to write a business plan and I have given at least a leg up on training.


A lack of action is what is killing you and your dreams of success.


Maybe that’s the problem. No action!


The question still remains. What is it that keeps you from trying to build your business?


build your business ... NOW!



Do you remember when someone had the guts to approach you about a new idea? They had to suck it up and talk to you. Then you looked at the business presentation and you got all excited. There were stars or maybe dollar signs in your eyes.


You just knew that this business idea was a good one. You could do it! You were going to share this business with everyone you know and all the new people you were going to meet. You believed in the business and their products. The compensation plan sold you on the idea of building a business. You just knew there were people out there that would see what you saw.  You can’t be the only weirdo out there.


Then you got home and started to think about it.


All the glitter faded, quickly.


Now it’s time to get down to work … or not.


Maybe you started out with good intentions and got derailed by the word, “No.” Such a simple and small word can steal your dreams. You have to manage your expectations about the business. You have to go into it knowing that most people that you talk to will say “No.” They aren’t rejecting you. They are rejecting either network marketing or your company. Never take “No,” personally!!


Do you still believe in your company and their products? Do you still believe in network marketing? If you have lost that belief, then save yourself money, time and the frustration that goes along with the business. Quit.


Why wouldn’t you want to show people what you are doing? In today’s economy, there has to be a lot of people just waiting and praying for someone like you to come along and show them that there is another way.



there are lots of people who need a business



Our manufacturing base has been sent over seas. Even if we have an economic recovery, there won’t be those kinds jobs available. The only jobs will be in the service sector. Not that there is anything wrong with that but, there are only so many of those kinds of jobs to go around.


How many people do you know who have lost their jobs? Or have been switched to part time? When the new health care laws get into full swing, there will be a lot of people who either get laid off or will have their hours cut. Start forming relationships now. They will be knocking on your door sometime soon


You could hardly ask for a better time to be in this industry!


Do your dreams keep you motivated? What is your “why?” “Why” are you building a business?


Your “why” doesn’t have to be something huge. It doesn’t have to be, quitting your job. Or buying a vacation home in Hawaii. Those kind of dreams motivate some people but, not everyone. Your “why” needs to be real to you. It needs to be something that you have to have. Is quitting your job something that you have to have? Probably not. For most people, they are making enough money to keep a roof over their head and food in their bellies. They might even hate their jobs but, even if they don’t build a business, they’ll be okay. They will rationalize things by saying that things aren’t that bad.


Is that where you are?


You’re doing all right, whether you build a business or not?


Then financial dreams may not be right for you then.


Maybe you’re doing all right but, you need a double income home to make ends meet and you don’t spend the amount of time that you’d like to spending with your children. Having that time to spend time with your children might be something that you have to have.


There must be something that will motivate you. You just need to find it. Or better yet your sponsor should’ve found it when they were prospecting you.


If you don’t have anything to motivate you, to keep you building your business, then you probably won’t ever be successful. It’s sad but, true. You should probably give up and learn to be satisfied with what you have.



my life is okay ... isn't it?



You’re isn’t that bad, right?


It’s unfortunate that most people could build a business but, never really give it a real chance.


I think that it’s true that people are motivated be trying to gain pleasure and avoid pain. Or if there is nothing but pain to choose from, then people, will choose the least amount of pain. Can you tell where I’m going with this?


If the pain you have, in your life now, is less than the pain that you would experience from building a business, then you probably won’t build a business.



you need to solve their problems



But if the pain you have in your life is more than the pain of building a business, then you at least have a chance to build a business.


I hope that you can see how critical it is to find the pain in your prospect’s lives. This will determine whether they could be motivated to build a business or not!



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