How can I build a network marketing business when everyone quits?


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The majority of people who sign up to join a network marketing company will quit within their first 90 days. By majority, I mean around 75% will quit. Can you believe that 75% everyone who joins and pays their $300.00 will just up and quit in their first 90 days?


That’s why I ask the question, how can I build a network marketing business when everyone quits?


It would to be nearly impossible to build a network marketing business or any other kind of business when 3 out of every 4 people quit. The lack of success that most people have is the biggest problem that network marketing faces. If you turn those numbers around and you could say that 3 out of 4 people who join network marketing are succeeding, how much easier would it be to recruit new people? If a prospect could say, “Wow, 75% of network marketers make money? You can count me in!”


Yes, it would be very easy.


How long does it take to become profitable in network marketing?


The length of time it takes a distributor to become profitable varies from person to person. I can almost guarantee you that if a new recruit isn’t making money in their first 90 days, that they will probably be one of those 3 out of 4 who will end up quitting.


How much money do network marketers need to make?


My best advice for this is to just ask people what their number is. Their number is how much money that they need to be making in order to make network marketing worth it for them.


You will find that most people are going to say $100,000 per year. That’s a great goal, but how much do they need to be making in order to stay “in the game.” How much money makes them continue to build a business and not to be one of those that will quit?


There are some people who can and have gotten rich very quickly in network marketing. That’s not the norm. The average top earner has probably taken 5 to 7 years and maybe 10 years in order to get to the income level that they are enjoying.


can you afford to stay in network marketing


How much money, will be enough to make your distributors stay around for that 5 to 7 years? Usually, making around $300.00 to $500.00 per month will keep people in the game. You may find some that need to start making more money in order to live. If someone is counting on making a living, right away, through network marketing, I would suggest that they get a real job. Trying to grow a business, while worrying about putting food on the table is way too much stress for someone to be under.


It’s not that difficult for a network marketer to make $300.00 to $500.00 per month.


Every company is different, but you can make $30.00 to $50.00 in profit per sale that is generated. Between your retail profit and your base commission, you should be in that neighborhood. Then a distributor should be looking to find 10 retail customers in their first 90 days. You just need to figure how many customers you’ll need to put whatever amount you need in your pocket each month. Keep in mind that if you have good, repeat ordering customers, you will only need to go through this process once.


As soon as you get your 10 customers, then you can turn your efforts toward recruiting. This make recruiting easier because you can tell your prospects that you’ll be able to show them how to make $300.00 to $500.00 per month in their first 90 days.


If you want to keep your downline from quitting, help them to make money!



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