Building self confidence in network marketing

Do you have enough self-confidence?


If you're going to be successful in network marketing, you'll need to have a great deal of self-confidence. Create a large list of people to talk to.


Most people start their business coming from a place where they have little to no self-confidence. They may possess some self-confidence in many areas, but owning and running a business probably isn’t one of them. In order to be successful in network marketing, you’re going to need a few things.


The first is the necessary skills. The second is a large pool of prospects to talk to and the last thing is a lot of self-confidence. In any kind of business, your self-confidence will be tested and challenged. Every time you start to approach someone and you chicken out and walk away, your confidence will be lessened. Every time you talk to someone about your business and they say “No” you lose some of your confidence.


For the new distributor, who had very little self-confidence to start with, it won’t take long until their self-confidence is knocked to the ground. When they look up from being on the ground, they’ll have to decide whether they really want to get up and try again.


Other things can affect a distributor’s self-confidence. One of the main things is the size of their warm market list. When it comes to having a pool of people to talk to, size does matter. If you have a small warm market list you will covet them.


In this case covet means – to desire wrongfully, inordinately, or without due regard for the rights of others.


You want them BAD! You are in a place of desperation. You only have so many leads and when those run out, you’re out of business. This is what makes some distributors chase, beg and bug their warm market to join their business or buy their products.


The distributor who has a small list of names to talk to will have an ever-increasing fear of failure. Every time they hear the word “No” they get a little more worried that they won’t have enough people to talk to in order to be successful. They add to their fear of failing and this, in turn, adds to the sense of desperation. It’s a viscous circle that feeds on itself.


There are 2 ways to increase your self-confidence, in network marketing.


do you have enough self-confidence


The first is to always be building a warm market list of people that you can talk to about your business. If you have a lot of people to talk to and you know that you’re able to add names to that list, relatively easily, your self-confidence will soar. You never need to worry about what any one person says to you about your opportunity or your products. You needn’t be worried about the outcome of any meeting. Once you reach this place, you’ll just be there to collect people’s decisions.


You’ll be coming from a place of strength. As your confidence grows, your fear of failure will shrink.


The second way to strengthen your self-confidence is to have successes. Nothing will add to your confidence like having a win to celebrate. The more victories that you have the more your self-confidence will grow. Success is also a viscous cycle that feeds on itself, as well.


As you have successes, you’ll find that there is a “high” that you get from it. Unfortunately, when you suffer a loss, you find there is a corresponding “low.”


This is what causes the “roller coast ride” that many new business people find themselves on. Eventually, you’ll need to find your equilibrium. This is when the wins don’t get you as high and your losses don’t get you that low. It’s all just a matter of business.


No matter what happens, if you can walk away saying, “It’s just business,” then you’ve found that equilibrium you’re looking for.


Most distributors will need to build up their self-confidence if they want to be successful in network marketing!



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