What business are you in?



Is this a trick question?



If you ask 100 different MLM distributors, you’d probably get 100 different answers to that question. They will tell you that they are in the jewelry business, or the weight loss business, or they are in the gold or silver business. Whatever product or service that their network marketing company is selling, that’s the business the distributor is in.



100 distributors can't be wrong, can they?



Conversely, if you were to ask 100 different MLM gurus, they would tell you that all those distributors are wrong.



I’m sure that it was a trick question! Right? I was sure I would get it right!



The gurus will tell you that you are in the “duplication business.”



For a long time I have been of the same opinion. You make the most money in network marketing through duplicating your efforts. On the surface it sounds very reasonable. It is so reasonable that even I was a believer.



I took a step back and looked at it from another perspective. Guess what I saw? Well …



I can guarantee you that 97% of people are duplicating exactly what their sponsor is doing … nothing. Or almost nothing! I can make that guarantee because at least 97% of network marketers aren’t making money from their businesses.



You may call it network marketing, MLM, direct sales or a home based business, but we are all in the same business.



We are in the money making business!



Money Making Business



When a distributor isn’t making any money … they quit. It’s as simple as that.



They should quit!



It would be foolish to continue in a business that you aren’t making money in. Can I get an Amen?



We, as network marketers, need to put an end to the revolving door on our businesses. Revolving door? Yes, we recruit 3 people on the front end of our business and 3 people walk out the back door. They quit.



If you are lucky, you can keep recruiting enough people. If you are really lucky you can at least keep up with the attrition. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll quit too.



Here’s the bottom line, people come to network marketing looking for fast riches. You and I know, for the most part, that this is a slow business to build. The key to keeping people in the business is to teach then how to at least make a little bit of money. Even if it is just $100.00 per month.




$100 is $100

$100.00 is $100.00!      


I don’t know too many people who would just throw away an income of $100.00 per month. It might not be all that they want, but it is enough to keep most recruits in the game.



If you recruit someone into your business and don’t get them into profit as soon as possible, they will eventually figure it out and they will quit.



Talk to your upline, sideline or linebacker, anyone who has any ideas on how to help people move their business into profit in a hurry!



It doesn’t matter if it selling the products or recruiting new people into the business. Profit is profit and profit will keep people interested in building their businesses!



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