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The network marketing company that I am associated with has introduced a new product. For this new product, they have created a separate company. The name of this new company is Clean Nation.

Clean Nation was started in August 2012. I guess I’m a little late to the grand opening party. Oh well.

Personally, I like a new company to have a bit of a track record before I jump onto it. I suppose 10 months is enough for me.

By now, you have to be wondering what the new product is. Clean Nation is in the business of selling RECs, renewable energy certificates.

Yippee! Um … what’s a REC?

Clean Nation and RECs


An understandable explanation of exactly what a REC is, would take up way more time and space than I have in this article. I’ll add in a link to that explanation here.  What are renewable energy certificates?

For the purposes of this article, suffice it to say, that a REC is a certificate that represents a certain amount of electricity that has been generated using any number a “green” sources. These sources could be hydro-electric power plants, wind farms, geothermal plants or solar farms. However, most of the “green electricity” is generated on wind farms.

Clean Nation and the environment


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the better part of the last decade, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “offset your carbon footprint.” This means that one is supporting the production of “green energy” in an amount that is equal to or greater than the amount of “non-green energy,” that one is consuming.

clean nation is good for the environment

Hopefully, you understand the theory here. There is a more detailed explanation here.

Currently, most of the electricity in the US is produced by the burning of coal or natural gas. Which means that most of the electricity we all are using is not “green.” This includes all of the businesses in the country.

A business can “offset their carbon footprint” by purchasing RECs, as well. Companies like McDonald’s, Intel and Starbucks are consuming a lot of “non-green electricity” everyday. They don’t offset this use by building their own wind farms. They are purchasing thousands of RECs every year.

They do their purchasing on one of the major exchanges, to keep their costs down.

Clean Nation and you


As individual electricity consumers, most of us can’t afford to purchase RECs in bulk, like Starbucks. Nor do we need to. We just don’t consume that much electricity in a month. This is where Clean Nation comes into the picture.

Perhaps, you don’t have a choice of the kind of electricity that you purchase, in your state. Or if you do have a choice, you might already be buying electricity that is about 20% “green.” In most cases, 20% “green” is the best you can get. Maybe you are thinking about a REC to “offset” the 80% that is “non-green energy.” Then buying a single REC could be the answer for you.

Are you doing your part?

If you are a person who thinks that generating and consuming “green energy” is a good idea, then you may be asking yourself, “How can I get involved with Clean Nation?”

 Click here to learn more about becoming a Renewable Energy Partner from Clean Nation.

buy a rec from clean nation


The Clean Nation business opp


Obviously, this is network marketing. There is a business opportunity that is attached to this. You can learn more about this at the above link as well. If you do decide to get involved in the business side of RECs, there is no guarantee of making any money.

You might think that just because there are millions of socially and environmentally conscious people out there, that are hungry for a product like this, that it would be easy to make money. I have the feeling that this will be no different than any other network marketing opportunity. Less than 1 in 7,500 will reach the top level and most people won’t make any money. This will actually require you to do work, to make money!


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