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Will it duplicate?


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I’ve heard several of the network marketing gurus talking about duplication, this week. Sometimes it seems as though they plan this. “Yeah, let’s talk about duplication today!” Is it a vast guru conspiracy? Probably not. Although, I think I saw a guru on the grassy knoll.


What does duplication really mean?


I’ll look at the root word which is duplicate.


Dictionary.com defines duplicate as: a copy exactly like an original.


I always took the word duplicate to mean being able to do something that someone else has done and getting the same results. It’s like when a research scientist does the same experiment as another scientist and they get the same results.


I think that definition is closer to how we use the word in network marketing. It seems that the sun rises and sets with duplication.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say, “You can’t do that. It’s not duplicatable!” To that, I say, “Yes, it is!” My point is that anything can be duplicated, by someone. Can it be duplicated by everyone? No, probably not. Can any strategy be duplicated by everyone? No, probably not.


How do you generate leads?


You could go to the local mall and talk to salespeople there. Is that duplicatable? Yes. There is probably someone somewhere who could do that, but the majority of people are not going to want to go to the mall and approach strangers.


Can you buy leads and cold call them? Yes, but very people are going to want to do that.



I could put hundreds of examples in here, but as you can see, most of what is meant to be duplicatable are lead generation methods. Lead generation is just the first step in the recruiting and sales process. Somehow we’ve all learned to argue over this one thing. I don’t think that it’s that big of a deal. Don’t we have more important things to argue about?


I think as deep as duplication goes is to maybe have a few people in a downline do what the “leader” has done. If passing out DVDs is successful for you, then maybe you can get a few of your downline to do that. Then maybe they can get a few of their downline to do it too.


I don’t think that duplication is about getting everyone on your team to do the same thing. It’s about getting a few key people to do it and letting it spread through your downline.


No lead generation strategy will ever be 100% duplicatable and that’s okay. There are literally hundreds of different ways to generate a lead. Every distributor can pick their favorite way and go with that. If they can’t make that work, they can switch to some other way.


do you have a duplication strategy?


Does this mean that you should leave all of your downline to their own devices? No! Because, most people who are left to their own devices will do nothing. I would suggest that you use whatever method you’ve chosen, for yourself, but you should utilize other methods as well. This will allow you to teach those methods to anyone in your downline who might not like or want to do what you’re doing.


I know, I know. It would be great to find something that everyone could do and would do, but until someone figures that out, use your own method, but be able to teach other methods. Good luck!



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