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Duplication – a new way to think about it




“It won’t duplicate,” is an axiom of the network marketing industry. Every time you come up with what you think is a new and unique idea on how to make money in this business, “they” will tell you that “it won’t duplicate.” “It won’t duplicate” is how a lot of network marketers run their businesses.


I have to admit, that for many years, I got caught up in that mentality. The one time that I reached the top level of a network marketing business, I used Google Adwords. I ran my little ad, I paid for my clicks and I built a big business. Could other people duplicate that? Well, yes they could. If, they had deep pockets and didn’t mind spending it.


Should I have not built my business because not everyone would be willing to buy ads on Google?


I wrote an entire article about, what I call, The Duplication Myth. If you’d like to read it click there.


A fellow distributor called me yesterday. He was all excited. He had just gotten back from seeing an industry guru. I usually roll my eyes when I hear about a guru giving a talk. Sometimes they’re good, but most times they are just there to sell you something.


The distributor says, “Wow, he gave us a game changer!”


I say, “I hope it’s not about duplication.”


He said, “How did you know?”


Don’t all the gurus talk about duplication? That’s the guru’s mantra!


Well, he tells me what the guy said anyway. I have to admit that I was surprised by what he had to say. He put an interesting twist on the whole “it has to duplicate” thing. When most people talk about a strategy that “has to duplicate,” they are talking about their downline being able to duplicate it.


The big twist


the twist to duplication


While most network marketers talk about duplicating systems, they are talking about a system that your downline can duplicate. The guru said that distributors need to find something that works for them and that they duplicate, meaning that they should be able to do it over and over again. You need a system that you can use over and over, if you are going to be successful.


It would be nice to have something that everyone can use, but the main thing is that a distributor has something that they can use. It may take a while to figure out what kind of verbiage to use, but it will happen.


I can recall a time, when I was in real estate sales. My business partner and I were about to do some warm calling. We had put out monthly newsletters on apartment doors and now we were going to call them to see if they were interested in buying their own home. Well, we had no idea what we were going to say. I sucked it up and dialed a few numbers. I finally got someone to answer and out came my “script.” I was so scared that I wasn’t really paying much attention to what I was saying. Which was bad, because whatever it was, it worked.


That’s kind of how it works. You say whatever comes to mind and maybe it works and maybe it doesn’t. It will be a process of trial and error, but eventually, you will happen across a few words that will work.


Once you have it, use it every time out. You may need to tweak it for certain situations, but that’s fairly easy to do.


Once you find your system or script, stick with it!


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