Duplication or How To Build A Really Big Business



At it’s core, network marketing is a relationship business.  What does that mean and how can it help you build a really big business?



It means that you can’t buy your way to the top.  You can’t just buy lots and lots of your company’s products or services and expect to make it to the top level in your company.

You can’t even sponsor your way to the top!  No matter how many people you personally sponsor, you won’t get there.

Network marketing is about having many people doing a little bit of work.  Working together, moving toward a common goal.  That’s duplication!
You may need to sell thousands of dollars of products or services to get to the top but you don’t have to do it all yourself.  You need to find a handful of people who “buy into” this concept of a lot of people do a little bit of work and you can make it to the top of your company.

You need to find 5 or 6 friends who would buy $20.00, $30.00 or maybe $40.00 worth of your lotions, potions or things from the oceans.  Then you just convince 5 or 6 friends that doing that will build a really big business.

When prospects look at your business plan they reach the MOT, the moment of truth.  They have to decide whether they can do all this or not.  This is where you need to be a leader and tell that you don’t expect them to sell $10,000 of stuff per month.  The thought of having to do so much work can be overwhelming for most people.  They think they aren’t sales people.  They’re probably right.  Most of us aren’t salespeople.





They don’t have to sponsor 1,000 people into the business.  Most of us aren’t sponsoring machines.  In fact, most of can’t even show the company’s business plan to their next door neighbor.  They don’t have to be sponsoring machines or mega-salespeople they just need to do their little part.

The easiest way to duplicate yourself is to simplify, simplify, simplify!  Make each step of the business building process as easy to do as you can.  Tell your new recruits that they need to find one customer and recruit one person in the next 30 days.  Then up the ante when you feel they are ready.  Ask for 2 customers and 2 recruits in 30 days.  Slow and steady will really win this race.
Now you may find a bucking bronco who just charges out of the gate from the very start.  That’s fine and great if you find someone like that but keep in mind that it all has to be duplicate-able!  Everyone in your organization should be teaching the same thing.  Because too many cooks very often will ruin the broth.


KISS.  Keep it STUPID simple!  Those are words to live by. If you want your people to be able to duplicate what you are doing it has to be STUPID SIMPLE.  So simple that anyone could do it without messing it up!



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