The duplication myth



Do you need a system that is easily duplicated to be successful in network marketing?



duplication is a myth



How many times have you heard a network marketing speaker ask, “What business are we in?” Probably dozens of times. You get all the usual answers. “I’m in the vitamin selling business.” “I’m in the cleaning products selling business.” Then there are the ones who are so smart. “I’m in the recruiting business.” That’s actually a pretty good answer.



Then the speaker tell you that your aren’t in any of those businesses. It must’ve been a trick question!They correct you and tell you that you are in the duplication business.



That’s a good answer as well.



There is an old saying in network marketing that goes like this. “People don’t duplicate, systems duplicate.”



I have to admit that I bought into all of this. I thought that I had to have a system that anyone could do. One that everyone would want to use. One that was easily duplicated.



is duplication the key to success?



I was reading an article, by Tom Schreiter, yesterday. Tom is quickly becoming my MLM hero. In his article he said that you need people to be able to duplicate your results. It doesn’t need to be your system. It can be anything that works for that particular person.



What does that mean?



I reached the top level of a network marketing company by using Google Adwords. It was expensive to do that, but it worked well, for me. Google Adwords is the equivalent of putting out a help wanted sign to those people who were interested in doing what that company is offering.



How many people can afford to use Adwords, these days?



The emphasis is on “expensive” when you use Adwords. It has also gotten a lot more expensive to use since I was using it. My first thought when I joined my current company was to use Adwords again. Hey, it worked before. If I was able to reach the higher levels of my company, then it would pay for itself.



That’s when I heard about having to have a system that anyone could use and it had to be a system that could be duplicated. Bummer! Who can afford Adwords these days?



adwords is too expensive for duplication



What could I use now?



I looked around the internet and found a lot of people having good luck with blogging. Blogging is something that most people could do or at least learn how to do. If they liked to write, all the better! If they don’t like to write, well, they could pay someone to write articles for them and it would still be a lot cheaper than using Adwords.



My blog was born!



Does this mean that I only recruit people who want to do blogging? Of course not. If someone wants to use their warm market to recruit from, who am I to tell them that they can’t do that. Or if an internet market, with a 10,000 person list, wants to give network marketing a go, I’m going to encourage them to use that list to recruit from. There’s no sense in switching to blogging when you have a subscriber list like that.



blogging is easy for duplication



The bottom line is this. It doesn’t matter what method you use to recruit people. The thing that needs to be duplicated are results.



Is there a duplication myth?



We are in the duplication business, but we don’t, necessarily, need everyone to duplicate our methods, just the results!



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