Duplication and the sales process


Or should I say, duplication of the sales process


duplication in network marketing


There’s been a lot of talk over the past few months about duplication in network marketing. I’ve been a part of that discussion here on my blog. I consider duplication to be a myth and something that shouldn’t get your knickers in a bunch about. I, like most network marketers, have been taught or more accurately told to make sure that what you do in this business is completely duplicateable.


I just watched a video from Ray Higdon that probably explained the duplication myth as well as it can be explained.


This has to do with the sales process in network marketing and not generating leads and prospects.


How you decide to generate leads is up to you and doesn’t need to be duplicateable. You can go to the mall and talk to people. You can run ads in the New York Times. You can do Facebook ads or Google Adwords. It doesn’t real matter. That’s the part that can be particular to you. Your downline doesn’t need to do the same things that you do. It shouldn’t matter to your upline what method you’ve chosen. Everyone has their own skills and abilities and those should be put to good use when it comes to generating leads.


Ray Higdon says that if you are in health and wellness and you get the chance to recruit a doctor are you going to say no to them? After all they have an advantage over everyone else. They have their own patients that they can recruit and sell the products to. Not many people will be able to duplicate that. Of course you’d recruit them and be very happy about it!


There are a lot of people who have regular jobs that allows them to have a big advantage in certain network marketing companies. I say, good for whoever gets to recruit them!


What part of network marketing can be duplicated?


use duplication in the sales process


It’s not how you choose to generate leads that needs to duplicated, it’s what you do with the lead after you get them that should be duplicated. Yes, that’s the sales process.


There are standard things that most, if not all, network marketers do in order to try to recruit someone.


First, you invite them to see a presentation. Once they see the presentation you’ll need to follow up with them. You’d need to answer any questions that they might have about the business or the products. Then you sign them and get them started in the business.


I always suggest that distributors use a third party tool to give a presentation like a video. It’s easier and your prospect will know that they’ll only have to do that too. I also suggest that you use a 3 way call with a member of your upline to follow up with your prospects. That way your prospects will know that they’ll have someone to turn to when it comes time to answering the questions that usually come up after someone sees the presentation.


You need to make your prospects believe that they can do this business before they’ll join you! That’s the part that should be duplicated.



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