Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend!


A better way


is there a better way?


If you’ve found your way to my blog then I know a few things about you. No, I’m not Google or Facebook. Nor am I the Oracle from the Matrix. I’m just a person who was once, just like you.


I would say that you have an 8-5 job. You probably have a 20-30 minute commute to get to work. At your job, you get an hour for lunch and two 15 minute breaks, during the day. If you are a little unlucky, you only get 30 minutes for lunch. You, sometime find yourself watching the clock wishing the day would be over. You’re not satisfied with what you have now. You are hoping to find “a better way.”


When payday comes around, you look at your check and wonder how you are going to pay all the bills with that. Who is this guy FICA and why does he get so much of your money? You’ve probably realized that they only pay you enough to make sure you don’t quit. The joke is on them! You only work hard enough to make sure you don’t get fired! There has to be “a better way.”


You’ve spent time and money looking for and trying things that were supposed to be that ever elusive “better way.” You’ve probably tried things that have turned out to be the proverbial “get rich quick schemes.” That didn’t work. You’ve probably even tried some “get rich slow schemes.” You would’ve thought those would work. Alas, they didn’t. Is there “a better way?”


At times, you’ve felt like your job is killing you, slowly. Enough said about that!


 Is your job killing you ... slowly


You haven’t given up, but you need to find something that is real. Something that will finally work and let you live again.


How do I know these things about you? Easy. I was you. I’ve felt that way and have had all of these things happen to me.


If you want to make a change


Now I have a few questions for you.


Are you able and willing to follow instructions? I hate to ask that type of question, but I was really surprised by how many people aren’t willing to listen to and follow simple instructions.


Can you follow a system? Can you stick with it even when things don’t look like they are going to work out?


Can you work, one on one, with a coach and mentor? Are you willing to take advice and learn from someone who has “been there and done it” before?


Are you willing able to find 1-2 hours per day to work toward the realization of your goals and dreams?


you have the time


If you answered “Yes” to those questions, then I might be looking for you!


If you are thinking that you don’t have the time or the money to put into a business, then you may be just what I am looking for. Don’t let stop you! If you have the desire, the rest will work itself out!


I’ve been blogging for nearly 4 years and I’ve never done this before. If you would be interested in working directly with me, please drop an email to me at: richard[@]richardbrokenshire.com! Be warned that I may do this again in 4 years.


Thank you and I am wishing you all the success you deserve and more.


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