What’s your excuse?



what's your excuse


Whether you are here to learn how to start a business or just learning how to make some extra money, I have you covered. Maybe you thought about owning your own business in order to make that extra money. Maybe you’ve started a business and you haven’t been able to get into profit. Maybe you’re not sure that you really want to own a business. Maybe you think it will be too difficult. I can understand all of that. Owning a business is tough!


Network marketers claim that their business is a great way to make some extra money and maybe you’ll hit the big time and make tons of money. We all know the failure rate is astronomical in network marketing. Statistically speaking, anyway.


I’m here to help you today.


If you aren’t in network marketing, you can use the follow list to deflect people who are trying to recruit you into their business and if you are in network marketing you can have a list of things to give a prospect who hesitates.


Here is a list of my favorite excuses


I don’t have enough time to run a business

I don’t have the money to join

I don’t know how to run a business

I’m too old to start a business

I’m too young to start a business

I got as far as Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim

It’s not the right time for me

What would my friends think of me?

I’m scared

What if I fail?

Will everyone think I’m stupid for trying

I don’t know enough people

I don’t have any experience

I’m too fat

I’m too thin

I’m not good looking enough

I don’t know how to sell things

I don’t know how to get started

I’m not tech savvy

I don’t know anyone else who would want to start a business

I can’t take another disappointment

The market is saturated

I wouldn’t want to take payments from my friends and family

It’s too risky

I already have a good job

I doubt that I’d be successful

My uncle tried it and it didn’t work

I need to wait until everything is perfect

It’s too hard

It’s a terrible economy

I don’t know the right people

Most businesses fail, what makes me think that I could succeed

I won’t get any support from my family

I’m an idea person

No one will take me seriously

I need to do more research

I have too many bills

I need that regular paycheck

I’m not a self starter

I like having someone to tell me what to do

I like commuting in rush hour traffic

What if I’m not good enough

I don’t want to lose my friends

There’s too much competition

I don’t enjoy working by myself


That concludes my list of favorite excuses. You can feel free to use any of these in any situation that you might find yourself!


Obviously, some of these excuses were written to be tongue in cheek. I offer no comments on any of them. I would say that all of these excuses are bogus. There is only one excuse that is legitimate. That one excuse is:


I don’t want to do that


Other than that, the others all have work arounds.


I am, as always, wishing you great success in your entrepreneurial journey!


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