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Who do most people want to work with, in network marketing? Well, the first time they join they are most likely to join with someone that they know. That would be someone in the warm market. I’ve heard numbers as high as 80% of network marketers joined with someone who is in their warm market.


Seeing how 97% of those people won’t succeed, who will they want to join with the next time they want to try network marketing? That’s a kind of weird question. Why would anyone, who has tried network marketing and failed, want to try it again? Not only did they not make it to the big time, they probably lost money in the process and yet here they are. They are looking to do it all over again.


The lure of “easy money” must be very strong. I guess I shouldn’t say, “easy money,” because making money in network marketing is anything but easy. I should use the proper term for what it is that brings people back time and time again. It’s the thought of residual income that brings them back. Why else would people try this business 5, 6 or 10 times? They must be hoping that they find the right product or company that will make some sort of difference and then they can reach the top levels in that company. What else could it be?


Who would you want to sign up with if you were looking to find a new company?


I would imagine that we’d all like to find someone who is an expert in their company or someone who is a top earner. Better yet, you could find someone who is an expert, who is also a top earner. What kind of person would that be?


If you work with a health and wellness company, you might want to be recruited by a doctor who is at the top of the pay plan. Not only do they know the compensation plan, but they would know all about the health benefits of your company’s products. You’d have the best of both worlds.


That person would be a person a very high authority. Wouldn’t that make building a network marketing a bit easier?


do the work to be successful


It could make it easier, but you’d still have to do the work!


What are the odds that someone, who is an expert and a top earner, comes knocking on our doors and asks us to join their business? I think that there’s two chances of that happening. Slim and none … and Slim just left town!


If the odds are that we’re never going to be recruited by someone like that, then how can all of this information help us?


It would seem as though we have two choices. We can become a top earner in our company or we can become an expert. I’m not suggesting that you go to medical school, unless you really want to, but you could pick an area that you could do your own research and become an expert in it.


An example of this would be, if you’re in a weight loss company, you could learn all that you can about what makes people gain weight and what helps them to lose weight. You could also learn what it is about your products that helps people to lose weight.


You can become an expert about the network marketing industry. You could become an expert about your own company. You could become an expert in how to use Facebook to grow your business. Anything that helps you and others to build their businesses a little more easily is worth pursuing.


You have so much information right at your finger tips. Why not become an expert in whatever aspect of your business that interests you?


You want to be the authority that everyone goes to and get the answers to their questions. You don’t want to be the person who goes around telling everyone all about the knowledge that you have. It seems that people like to have a “know it all” to get answers from, but they don’t like a “know it all” who comes to them!


You don’t have to have degree to be considered an expert.


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