Is your fear of rejection holding you back?


Maybe you’re afraid of dying


do you have a fear of rejection


It seems the vast majority of network marketers never take any action at all. Then there are some who do a little bit of work and then quit. Maybe they got a few customers and maybe some of them even recruited a couple of people, but they just don’t last very long. They were all googly eyed when they saw the compensation plan, but for one reason or another they give up way before they should’ve.


Why are all of these people ready to give up so soon?


I’m sure that there as many different reasons as there are people quitting the business. I wanted to discuss several of these reasons. I think that most people who join a network marketing business find out that their fears overwhelm them and they either quit right away or they get started only to give up later.


I used to believe that most fears were learned through one’s experiences. I now believe that fears are either pass on through genetics or that we are predisposed to fear anything that isn’t like us.


If you put a newly hatched chicken in a yard, by themselves and a hawk flies over, the chicken will run and hide. They know to fear the hawk. How do they know to be afraid? Is it instincts? Aren’t instincts passed on through genetics? Or do they fear the hawk because it is different from them?


I’m not sure which it is and I’m not sure that it really matters. I do believe that people have those types of fears as well.


What are these fears?


The first fear is fear of rejection. Human beings are hard wired to be part of a community. There was a time when being shunned or kicked out of a community meant that you’d probably die very soon. You would be on your own and having to face the dangers of the world by yourself. If you found yourself face to face with a lion, you didn’t stand much of a chance if you were all alone. We don’t find ourselves in those types of situations anymore, but that fear is built into us. Being alone is equated to near certain death.


is it really a fear of rejection


The fear of rejection is real and it effects a lot of people. They have their group of friends and family and they are safe and comfortable being there. Things have changed a great deal over the past several hundred years. If you get kicked out of your group you’re probably not going to die and you can always find a new group of friends to be part of. However, I believe that the fear of dying remains long after the threat has been eliminated.


The second fear that a lot of people face is fear of failure. Failing means that we were wrong about something. Most people have an ego as big as all outdoors. They don’t like to be seen as being wrong. If someone is seen as being wrong, they run the risk of being shunned by the group. They think that they are afraid of failing, but at its core, they are afraid of not being in the group.


Is fear of failure just another form of fear of rejection?


Another fear that holds network marketers back is a fear of success. Who would be afraid of being successful? People dream about being successful and having all of the things that success can bring them. People work all day, every day in an attempt to be successful. Why would they be afraid of it?


Success can bring a lot of money to someone. They wouldn’t need to worry about material possessions. They wouldn’t have to worry about paying for anything. Being successful does have some consequences. Your friends and family might see you differently. They might say things like, “The big shot doesn’t have time for us anymore.”


The successful person runs the risk of being kicked out of their group of friends.


Could fear of success be another form of fear of rejection?


The final fear that I see holding network marketers back is the fear of change. Change makes people uncomfortable. Most people don’t like to be uncomfortable. Most people are where they are and have what they have because of who they are, what they know and what they do. If someone wants more they are going to have to become more. That requires them to change and again change makes them uncomfortable.


sometimes change is a good thing


If someone does decide to become more in order to have more they will make the necessary changes. Once they change they become different than the people who are in their group. The people in their group may fear them because they are different and kick them out of the group.


Is the fear of change just another form of the fear of rejection?


Could it be that all of our fears can be traced back to the fear of rejection? The fear of rejection can be boiled down to a fear of death. Our primitive brain has a survival instinct. It will do its best to make sure that we don’t do anything that can kill us.


As crazy as it sounds, maybe most people don’t build a network marketing business because their primitive brain is convinced that they could end up dying if they do. Which would be a really good reason not to do it. However, in this day and age, I don’t believe that building a network marketing business will kill you. Keep that in mind and try to convince your primitive brain!



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