Did you just give network marketing a black eye?


Don’t make the network marketing business harder!

don't make network marketing harder

Over the past 60 years or so, the network marketing industry has developed quite a reputation. Unfortunately, it isn’t a good reputation. I guess it started back in the beginning. A few forward thinking individuals signed up with the network marketing companies and went to work. They saw the vision of the compensation plan. It looked pretty easy to do. How would you get those first 6 people to sign up with you? A better question is, how would you get those 6 people to get 4 people to sign up with them? A more difficult question would be, how are you going to get those 24 people to get their 3 people signed up under them?


The lure of easy money is tough to resist. The thought of having your first $100,000 year is overwhelming and can make people do things that they might not otherwise.


The bad news is that those things that they might not otherwise do, have given the network marketing industry a big ol’ black eye. It’s this black eye that has given the industry it’s current reputation.


I would think that there is a small minority of network marketing distributors who are doing these things, but there have been enough of them, over the years, to make your Uncle Larry fear you and to make him turn the other way when you walk down the street.


We have distributors who are willing to beg their relatives and chase their friends all over town to try to get them to join their business. We have distributors who are almost shoving their products down the throats of their prospects. Is this how they would want to be treated if the situation was reversed? I don’t think so.


I had an experience, a few years ago, where a couple of distributors for a household product came to our door. They wanted to do a product demo in our home. We told them that we had to leave in 25 minutes to get to a birthday party. They told us that they would be done with the demo in 20 minutes and we could be on our way.


To make a long story short, they left after being in our home for 90 minutes. They ask me if I want to buy 2 of what they were selling. As it turns out, their product was a $1500.00 product. I didn’t want one of them, let alone 2 of them. Even if I liked the product and really wanted it, I wouldn’t have bought it from them. They lied to me! They took advantage of me and took up my time. I had somewhere to be and they way over stayed their welcome.


I asked them to leave and told them that I didn’t appreciate that they made us late for the birthday party.


Have you ever had something like that happen to you? How did you feel after it was over? Did you feel used? Or disrespected?


We need to clean up the network marketing industry. It’s difficult enough without having to overcome those distributors who are willing to disrespect our prospects.


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