Is this the golden age of network marketing?




Welcome to the new age!




golden age of network marketing




Will the American economy ever come back? What about the rest of the world?


It’s the 21st century and it isn’t off to a very good start. First came the dot com bubble. That burst. Then came the real estate bubble. That burst, too.


If you remember, the 20th century was the American century. We were the manufacturing hub of the world. Man, we could build stuff. That was the 20th century. Somewhere along the way, someone had the great idea that we should be a service based economy. Who thought that up?


Much of our manufacturing capabilities have been shut down and moved off shore. We watch a ton of television but, we don’t make televisions, anymore. I wonder why?


The unemployment rate in the US is said to be holding steady. They say it is around 7%. I believe it is probably twice that! Long term unemployment is commonplace now. The Congress is extending unemployment benefits, on a regular basis. Older workers are especially hard it.


Older workers can be more expensive to hire than their younger counterparts. They can be seen as over qualified but, with the new technologies coming online, they can be seen as under qualified, as well.



the next bubble waiting to burst



Recent college graduates are having a difficult time finding work, in their chosen fields. If you add in the trillion dollar student loan bubble, which could burst at any moment, things are looking bleak.


Is this scenario all bad?


It would seem to be! There is a silver lining, in there. More and more people are going to turn to making their own jobs. Out of necessity, they are, at least, considering self employment!


There are so many people out of work and under employed, out there, for network marketers to talk to. You just need to throw a rock and you’ll hit one. Please don’t throw a rock!


You may be asking, “What about the recovery?”


I would answer, “What recovery?”


Even if you think that there is a recovery and let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that there is a recovery. It’s another in a long line of “jobless recoveries.” How could there be jobs? We’ve moved our manufacturing overseas.



golden age



Is this the golden age of network marketing?


I believe that it will be. Those who recognize this fact will do very, very well. Those that miss it, will be scratching their heads, wondering what happened.


There will be thousands of new millionaires made in the next decade or so. Will you be one of the ones who takes charge and gets in front of this? Or will you be left behind?


This is the time to develop the skills that you will need to be a success. Get help, if you need it.


It’s time to ride this wave, people!!


Good luck!




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