What’s a guru to do?


you gotta love the gurus ... or do you


I thought about the fact that a lot of the top earners in the network marketing business, turn around and start other businesses. They sell their own guru products and their own guru services. Some of the gurus start their own speech give service. Some of those gurus actually get other gurus to give speeches at their conferences and charge a lot more money. They write books, they record CDs and DVDs. They sell home study courses, so you can do what they’ve done. Or so they say. They start memberships sites that have their speech, books CDs and DVDs on them. It really is amazing how many different ways that there are to make money, once you get to be a guru!


I’ve always been disillusioned by the whole guru industry!


I’ve bought their books, CDs, and DVDs. I’ve joined membership sites and bought their products. I never felt like I got “all” of the information. The word “all” there means that I never felt like I got enough information to help me reach the top levels of the my company’s comp plan. The next time they released a product or book, I’d buy it thinking that the rest of the information would be in there. It wasn’t. This viscous cycle has led to a lot of bad feelings between me and the gurus.


All of that aside.


I’ve written about it before, but I’ll mention it again. Once you get to the top levels of a company, you’re probably working 40-50 hours a week. Sure, you’re the owner of your own business, but you’ve basically trade a 40 hour a week job for a 40 hour per week business. Hopefully, your business is generating a lot more money than you were making at your job!


I ask you again, what’s a guru to do?


what is a guru

I can only imagine that sooner or later you’d get tired of working 40-50 per week in your business. Everyone thinks that it is so great to own your business and in some ways it is or at least can be, but that’s not all the time. There are headaches and problems to be solved, no matter what kind of work you do. Especially, when you are dealing with other people. Tell me I’m wrong!


Although I’ve had a contentious relationship with the gurus, I think I can now understand why they start these other businesses. Could it be that they are using these other businesses to help them get out of their successful network marketing businesses.


Why would they want to get out of their successful network marketing company? I refer you to the previously stated number of hours they are working. That’s a lot of hours to be working in a business any business. Most people think that they will be on easy street once they get to the top! You’ll be working 40-50 hours per week on “easy street.”


That’s a reason that I can understand. The thing that I still don’t understand is why they, the gurus, feel like they need to give out 80% of the information that is needed to be a success. Could it be that they don’t want to create their own competition?


I want to be a guru too!


is he a guru

If you happen to figure out the missing pieces and make it to the top, then you deserve to be there. You’ve earned the right to sell your own products and ebooks.


I know of several top earning, network marketers who no longer work in their network marketing business. All they do is release products and ebooks. They are also on the lecture circuit.


Hey, good for them, I guess.


Do you wanna be a guru?


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