Happy 500th!


I’ve been anticipating this day for about a month


is the 500th blog post cause for celebration?


This is my 500th blog post. It took a bit over 4 years to get here. A lot has happened, in those 4 years. I don’t want to do much in the way of reflection. Not all of it was good. No sense dwelling on the past.


Funny, I used to think that 500 articles, on a blog, was a lot. I’ve managed to look at a lot of blogs, in the past 4 years. There are blogs out there with 1,000 or even 2,000 posts. I have no idea how long they had been blogging, but that’s a lot of posts.


I’ve hoped that the information on my blog has been of high quality and that most people would find it helpful in their network marketing journey!


My views of this industry and the people in it has changed, over the years. I’ve evolved, I think. I now believe, that you should join a network marketing company for their products. You should be the biggest supporter of the products. You should have a real passion for them. You should be able to say, “Wow! I can’t believe what this thing can do. Let me show you what it does!” You should be willing to scream that from the rooftops.


shouting from the rooftops


Never join a network marketing company because of their pay plan. They are all about the same. Once you reach the top level, you’ll be making the big bucks! How many people make it to the top level, anyway?


Probably the biggest change I’ve made, in my way of thinking, is about recruiting people into the business. For many years, I have been of the mind that recruiting was the most important thing that any network marketer could be doing. That’s where the big money is, right? That’s where I always put my efforts. I think that’s where most people put their efforts.


Everyone teaches to try to recruit first.


Most distributors try to recruit in their warm market. It takes them about 60-90 days to get through … most of them. The average distributor lasts about 60-90 days. Do you think that’s a coincidence? I don’t!


get into profit


I think that everyone should get themselves into profit before they do anything else. This is why I believe that anyone thinking about joining a network marketing company should join because of the products. I think that everyone should be selling their company’s products in order to get themselves into profit.


Once a distributor is in profit, it is unlikely that they will quit. If they’ve managed to sell the products to people who absolutely love them, then they will have prospects for the recruiting side of the business.


Does any of that make sense to anyone other than me? Am I crazy for think that the business is too difficult and needs to be simplified. Isn’t making a profit the reason that we got into this business?


There has to be a better way!


Can anyone tell me why 98% of all network marketers don’t make any money and most of those actually lose money?


Am I the lone voice in the wilderness?


Thank you to all of you that have found my blog, over the years.


champagne for everyone ... not really


Well, there’s no fanfare for the 500th post. No ticker tape parade. Nope, not even a glass of champagne. I’ll just keep writing and hoping that I can convert some of the masses out there.


Profit is the name of the game!


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