Keep your head in the game


Working a part time business is difficult


keep your head in the game


Network marketing is one of the hardest businesses to build. So many things have to go right in order to make a really go of it. It’s not like having a full time business to run. If you had a full time business, you’d be working it with every waking moment you have. With a network marketing business, you have to run it when you have time to run it. You have a full time job that takes up most of your time. You have to fit in a part time business, where ever you can. You’ll be lucky if you can make 7 to 10 hours per week.


It can be really easy to get discouraged and sidetracked. The first time something goes wrong, you’ll be tested. Then you’ll have your resolve tested nearly every day, after that. Most people find the business too difficult to build and they end up quitting.


If you want to make it where others have failed, you’ll need to keep your head in the game and keeping working toward your goals.


As you build you business, you’ll probably want to evaluate yourself in several facets of the business.


The first facet is, who are you spending the most time with?


Most of the people, in your warm market, will try to keep you “safe from network marketing.” They will try to convince you that you’ll have the same bad experience that their Uncle Bill had in that “pyramid thing.” “You don’t want to lose money do you?” “No one succeeds in those things!”


They tend to mean well, but they will hold you back. This doesn’t mean that you have to eliminate your friends and relatives from your life, but you should be aware of what they will do to you and your business if you let them.


part time business


I usually suggest that network marketers spend the majority of their time with people with positive attitudes or with other network marketers who are better at the business then they are. This will give them the chance to increase their belief in the network marketing business model and also give them the chance to learn new strategies from those that are better than they are.


The second thing is to ask yourself, “Do you have a vision for yourself?”


A vision is not the same thing as having goals. You’re not answering the question, “Where do you see yourself in 3 years?” you’re answering the question, “Who are you going to be in 3 years?”


Do you see yourself as the one who gets up in front of a room full of people to give a business presentation? Will you be asked to be on stage at your company’s convention? Will you be the “go to person,” for all things business related, in your area?


Who do you see yourself becoming on your journey?


The third thing you have to ask yourself is, “Are you taking effective action?”


Network marketing is an action business. All of the rest of this doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t talking to people about your products, service or business opportunity. Pick a number of people that you are willing to talk to every day, every week and every month and stay consistent!


In conclusion.


If doesn’t matter how much you do in a day. It only matters how many days you’re willing to do those things.


Please don’t let your friends and relatives steal your dream. They probably don’t mean you any harm, but they will take the wind out of your sails if you let them.


Your vision for yourself will evolve. Speaking from a stage may not excite you now, but as you grow and gain experience you may change your mind. Remember that the person standing in front of the room is probably making the most money!


Most importantly, stay in action! If you aren’t talking to people, you’ll have a tough time building your business.



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