Ideas on where to start your own business

Where to start your own business


You’ve decided to start you own business? It’s probably a good idea. With the economy being what it is, it would be a way to insure that you have extra income. You can never have too much income, right?


I’m slightly biased when it come to starting your own small business. Both of the businesses that I currently run were started as home based businesses. I would recommend starting you own business out of your home.


where to start your own business


Starting your own business can be fun and exciting. It can also be a challenge. There are lots of decisions to be made. Like, what kind of business will it be? Where to get money to start your own business?  And many more.


Franchise Business


I’ve never owned a franchise. The reason being, is it take a lot of money to get started in one. It can be thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started. That’s a bit too rich for my blood!


If you have very deep pockets and are looking for a good way to open a business then, by all means, buy into a franchise. Franchises have a proven track record of success. You just have to follow their prescribed formula and you should find success.


For the rest of us, a small business is the way to go. A small start up business has much lower costs to get started. It is usually born out of your passions. That will give you a much better chance at success. The bad thing about a small business is that once it grows, you have to hire help. That’s when the problems start. Managing yourself is one thing but, trying to manage a group of strangers is another thing altogether.


Then there is the problem of having to carry inventories. This can require a large investment of capital. Then there is the billing for services rendered. If everyone pays on time it is not a problem. If you have clients that are slow to pay that is a problem.


Taking inventory


Are you sure that you want to start your own business?


There is an option that is in between a franchise and a your own start business.


It has low start up costs. If you choose the right business you can have little or not inventory. Purchases that are made are small enough so it is usually pay as you go. There are no employees to manage.


That sounds pretty good, huh?


It sounded good to me too. This option is called network marketing.


When it came time to start a business of my own, this was the option that I chose.


The “buy in” is usually under $500.00.


I choose to be involved with [Removed]. There is no inventory to carry. There is no autoship. I just changed who I bought [Removed] from and that was it.  The [Removed] was cheaper from them than the company that I was using before. Not only did I get to start my own business, I get to save money every month as well.


Not a bad deal!


Now I just have to find other people who would like to save money on [Removed], too. Everyone buys [Removed], why not pay less for it? It sells itself.  What could be easier?


Starting a business doesn’t have to be a scary thing. You can go into business for yourself fairly easily. You can get involved for less money than you think. You can provide a service that everyone uses everyday. With little overhead and no employees. What could be better?


Where to begin in starting your own business?


Make sure you choose wisely! A mistake when starting your business can be a very costly thing!


I have a small business that I started on my own. When it came time to start a second business, I chose network marketing. Do yourself a favor and at least look into it. It is a very good option for those of us on a budget.


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