I’m doing okay … how are you doing?



if you're okay in network marketing you're probably not going to do well



That’s the battle cry of most network marketers. They’re doing okay. Not in their network marketing business, but in the rest of their life.


They have a decent job that pays the bills. They aren’t getting ahead, but they aren’t going broke either. They drive a nice car. It’s not their dream car, but it gets them from point A to point B. They have a home to live in, but they’d love to have a bigger home with more land and a swimming pool, in the backyard. They go to the beach for their summer vacation, but they’d love to take the family to Disney World or maybe to the Caribbean.


By all measures, they’re doing pretty well for themselves and their family. Some people have more and some people have less than they do, but they’re doing okay.


A network marketer who finds themselves in this position will probably struggle to find success in the business. There’s no overriding, outside force to drive them to be successful. Someone in this position will have to find their motivation from within themselves.


In network marketing, we hear the success stories of a wide variety of people, who come from all walks of life. The ones that are celebrated are the ones where the person was homeless and living out of a suitcase. They have this rags to riches story and that is the one that we hear about.


Then the flip side are the stories where someone was already a successful business owner and they came to network marketing and were able to build a business in record time.


is he the next network marketing superstar


It makes it sound like you have to be a “down and outter” or a successful person, in order to make network marketing work for you. I’m sure that there must be plenty of people who had a decent life and were doing okay when they decided to build a big network marketing business. They have to be out there, don’t they?


For the people who are in the middle, the ones that aren’t really successful yet or those that don’t have their backs against the wall, what are they supposed to do? There’s no real pressure to make them do anything different. If they do nothing at all, it’s not that big of a deal to them. If they sign up with a network marketing company and they do nothing more than open their distributor kit, what’s the big deal to them. They lose $300.00, but that’s not the end of the world to them. They’re still doing okay.


Is this why so many people sign up and do nothing with their business? Are the people who fail in network marketing just people who are doing okay in life, but thought about achieving some of their dreams, if it turned out to be easy enough to do? Then they find out that it does take work to find success in this business.


Will we be willing to recruit from the pool of “down and outters,” other people with their backs up against the wall or the people who already possess the skills and mindsets to build a big business. Or should we be finding out what will motivate our prospects that are coming from the land of, “I’m doing okay?”


Maybe we, as network marketers, need to change our target markets. It’s just a thought.


Or maybe we can find those people who are doing okay, but have a one time pain to fix. Maybe they have an upcoming wedding to pay for or a child’s college education. If your prospects don’t have an internal and immediate problem to solve, they may just quit and walk away from their initial investment. It won’t kill them, right?


Are you doing okay?



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