Innovation vs. Duplication – in network marketing


Does your business building system have to be duplicatable?


network marketing and duplication


If you’ve been in network marketing, for more than 20 minutes, you’ve probably heard the word duplication about 100 times. “It has to be duplicatable!” I don’t even think that duplicatable is a real word. Anyway …


What is duplication?


In network marketing, the word duplication means that other people must be able to do exactly what you’ve done to build your business. If your “system” or method of operation isn’t easily duplicated, then other people won’t be able to duplicate your results. In most cases, that’s fine (Most people fail or don’t do anything with their business. You don’t want to be duplicating that), but if you want to build a large organization, the conventional wisdom is that you need to have a way that is easy for a new distributor to do.


What is innovation?


In network marketing, it means to go your own way. To do something that no one else is doing or has done. An innovative system or method of operation doesn’t duplicate or can’t be easily duplicated.


Is innovation bad?


I guess innovation isn’t good or bad. It’s just one way to build a network marketing business. In fact, for the most part, innovators have built the network marketing industry. It’s been 1 innovator finding another innovator, finding another innovator and so on for years.


You may have heard that most successful network marketers get 80% of their income or more from a few key people in their organization. In fact, someone may get the bulk of their income from 2 or maybe 3 people in their downline.


The problem with being innovative is that you have to find other innovators. More than likely, you have a system that no one can duplicate. You’ll be recruiting several hundred people into your business trying to find an innovator. The bad news is that there may only be 1% to 3% of the population that are innovators. That means that 97% to 99% of network marketers won’t have any idea of what to do in order to become successful.


If you happen to notice that those numbers coincide with the success and failure numbers of most company’s Income Disclosure Statements. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence!


will innovation work for you


I got a message from a friend of mine, who is in another company and he was complaining about duplication. He’s been able to recruit over 100 people into his business, over the last couple of years. My hat’s off to him for the accomplishment. His complaint was that only 1 person has ever recruited into the double digits and almost everyone else has done nothing. No one is duplicating his system.


I haven’t had to time to talk to him, directly about this, but my first thought is that his system is not duplicatable. I do know that his particular network marketing company is free to join. Which, on the surface, sounds great, but how many people who join will care if they do anything or not? It’s not like they will lose any money if they decide not to do anything.


Do I have any conclusions?


I’ve written about duplication, several times. Each time, I feel like I change my mind. I see the need to have a system that anyone can duplicate, but I also the fact that most people don’t do anything anyway. I understand the desire to “get yours.” You want to be successful, for yourself. To be blunt, you want to get your share of the money. Should you be an innovator and make sure that happens? Does being an innovator guarantee success?


If you’ve sponsored 100 people into your business, you may have found 1 or maybe 2 innovators. If you got unlucky, you found 100 reasons to feel frustrated.


To me, it seems like one should be innovative for their own business and have several ways to run a business that are easily duplicated for those people, in your organization who aren’t innovators.


I think that most people, when faced with more work, will do nothing with their network marketing business. I think that if a distributor finds someone who says that they want to build a business, that the sponsor should work very closely with them, at least until they prove that they can go it alone and that they are able to teach the next generation of distributors.


I believe that you need to use both innovation and duplication in order to grow a really large business, in network marketing!


How’s that for winding up on the fence?


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