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I have to admit that I get a kick out of it when the gurus of network marketing start going after each other. I find it strangely entertaining. You would think that there was a big enough “pie” for everyone in the guru business to get their piece. There’s no way to know exactly how big the guru business is for network marketing, but it has to be huge. With all of the unsuccessful network marketers out there that are told to buy books, tapes and training course, it has to be huge!


Usually, the gurus talk nicely about each other. I guess they don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. If they start to sling mud at each other, it would be like going to the bathroom in the punch bowl. No one would want to drink from it.


However, there is one guru who seems to be on a personal mission to denigrate the attraction marketing gurus. His name is Dale Calvert. Mr. Calvert claims to be the greatest network marketers that the world has ever seen. He claims that he has trained more 6 and 7 figure earners than any other network marketer. He says that this claim is documented, but I’ve never seen that documentation. He could be right, though. No one, to my knowledge, has ever challenged him on it.


Mr. Calvert has a big problem with attraction marketing. He claims that it’s based on lies.


My understanding of attraction marketing is that a distributor is supposed to position themselves as an expert, in the network marketing field, whether they are an expert or not. The fact that they would be seen as an expert is supposed to give them the credibility that they need in order to make it easier for them to recruit people into their business. Everyone wants to work with successful people, right?


Mr. Calvert would like distributors to actually go out and build a business before they make any, “I’m an expert” claims. He says that if you are claiming to be an expert and you haven’t done a thing in the business, then you’re lying to the public. I see his point.


I was listening to Mr. Calvert answer a question, earlier this week. The question was about the concept of Invest, Learn, Teach. Mr. Calvert didn’t know that much about the concept except that he knew it came from the attraction marketing people.


invest learn teach ilt to be an expert


ILT, invest, learn, teach is a concept that I heard about from Ray Higdon. Yes, Ray Higdon is an attraction marketer. ILT is a simple concept. It says that a network marketer should invest their time and sometimes their money in order to learn something new and then turn around and teach it to their audience. The fact that the network marketer is able to teach their audience something new is suppose to add to their “being an expert” status.


I’m sure that Mr. Higdon would love for you to invest your hard earned money with him, in order to learn that something new. That would help him in his quest to build a $100,000,000 network marketing training company. However, I’ve never actually heard him say that you should buy something from him in order to learn something new.


You could just as easily watch a video, read a book or read a blog post for that matter, in order to learn something to teach your audience. Mr. Higdon wouldn’t profit from many of those.


As far as attraction marketing is concerned, I’m not convinced that it is any better than any other kind of marketing. On the surface, it might seem like it’s giving the practitioners a big advantage, but I don’t think that it really does. The Income Disclosure Statement of the attraction marketers isn’t above the industry average.


The thought of not having to go out and prospect people is appealing, but you can get similar results from hanging a Help Wanted sign in your window.


I think that Mr. Calvert is a purist, when it comes to network marketing. It seems like there is a right way and a wrong way to build a business. If you are claiming to be an expert and you haven’t actually built a business, then you are doing it the wrong way.


Whatever you think helps you to build your network marketing business, is okay with me.


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