It’s not the size of your blog that matters. It’s how you use it!

A blog is a must to all online businesses. If you don’t have one, get one, now! This will be your main marketing tool. I use WordPress and so should you. Google loves WordPress. You can rank higher and quicker using WordPress than any other blog platform.

Make sure you get a domain name that “brands” you. Pick a name with your name in it. Whether it’s workwithjohndoe.com, whoisjohndoe.com, johndoemarketing.com or just johndoe.com. You want to “get known” online.

Build a site that has a few pages like a main page to tell about your mission statement. Tell them why you’re online and blogging. Tell them what they will get out of reading your posts. They will need a strong incentive to come back and visit your site. They need to know there will be a benefit to them.

You will want to have a digital product to give away in exchange for email addresses. Something like an ebook. You will need a squeeze page and an autoresponder to do this.

Your squeeze page needs to at least get a valid email address and hopefully their real name. Also, have an option place for them to enter their phone numbers. If they do that, you have a hot prospect. make sure you follow up and call them.

Your autoresponder will be how you market to all of your prospects on an ongoing basis. You will need to write a series of emails to send out to them. You have several decisions to make here. How often to send out an email, what will the subject matter be and when to let them know what your business is.

People are looking for value. They don’t want to get “pitched” to every day!

Create at least 3 pages to start with. A home page, for you mission statement. A “bio” page, to tell visitors who you are. This is very important. They need to get to know you here. Be yourself and be honest and open. And last but not least a contact page. Use a phone number that you don’t mind be out there in cyber space and an email address … that will get spammed forever but you need it out there the real prospects to contact you.

Once you have your blog set up, you’ll be ready to start posting.

Your blog will be your businesses main engine. It will be the hub of you sales funnel. Make it pretty and make it interesting!!

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