Jamberry Nails opens the Australia and New Zealand markets


Jamberry Nails Expansion




Jamberry Nails is a 5 year old, network marketing company that specializes in vinyl nail wraps. These nail wraps give a salon quality “nail job” at a do it yourself price. You can read my complete review of the company here. Jamberry Nails review.


If you have been thinking about joining Jamberry Nails, now may be the time do it. Currently, the company has over 35,000 distributors in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. You can add two more countries to that list.


As of October 1, 2015, Jamberry Nails will be opening the markets of Australia and New Zealand. This will give the residents of those two countries the opportunity to order the products, online, as well as a chance to sign up to be a distributor of the Jamberry products.


There are 2 separate websites for the countries.


Jamberry Australia

Jamberry New Zealand


The 2 sites are nearly identical. There is a place to sign up for more information and they will inform you of the exact launch date(s). They are willing to trade a “sample sheet of our easy-to-apply beautiful accent nails FREE!” for your email address.


If you know anyone in the 2 countries, that might want to become a Jamberry Nails consultant, now is the time to seriously thinking about signing up, yourself.


If you need more information now or have any questions regarding Jamberry Nails and their expansion plans, you can email them here:


ausupport@jamberry.com in Australia


nzsupport@jamberry.com in New Zealand


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