Before you join a network marketing company


Is network marketing as easy as they say it is?network marketing is easy right?

You’ve probably been tricked into seeing a business presentation. It might have been a friend or a relative who did this to you. No matter who it was, there you are. Sitting in front of a white board or maybe a DVD player. Now you watch and learn about the marvels of network marketing. It sounds like all you need to do is to recruit 6 people and it will be raining money on you!


If you are like me, your eyes lit up when you first saw that you could make $100,000 per year and quit your job. You would never again have to commute to a job that you really didn’t like. You’d never have to answer to someone who didn’t really like you. You could live life on your own terms. You could do what you wanted, when you wanted to do them. You could see the world, pay for your children’s college and retire early!


It sounded great. Actually, it sounds too good to be true. Is it too good to be true?


Before you join a network marketing company you need to realize two things. The first can be summed up by a quote from Tom Schreiter. He said:


“The purpose of a network marketing company is to provide the opportunity – not to guarantee an income.” – Tom Schreiter


Although it sounds really easy, building a network marketing business isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work and a fair amount of time. Like any other business, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will make a lot of money and you might not make any money. There are also a lot of people who wind up losing money, in network marketing.


You need to be aware of this fact. This is not like winning the lottery. It does take work and a lot of it. This not a get rich quick scheme. It’s more of a “maybe you can get rich slowly” kind of thing.


It’s okay to have the goal of making $100,000 per year, but you need to know that you will need to make a long term commitment in order to achieve it.


The second thing that you need to know can be summed up by another quote by Tom Schreiter. He said:


“Owning a distributor starter kit does not make someone a network marketer.” – Tom Schreiter


I not only see it all the time, I’ve been guilty of it too. A new distributor gets their distributor kit and the rub the side of it and look for the network marketing genie to pop out of it in a puff of pink smoke. They know exactly what they are going to wish for.


are you wishing for network marketing success


Wishing for success isn’t going to get you there. Only hard work will.


Here is an unbelievable story about my time in network marketing.


I’ve been in and out of network marketing for many, many years. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I heard that you need certain skills if you want to be a success in this business. I want to know why no one ever told me that before!


I spent so many years floundering around thinking that I should know how to run a network marketing business. It’s no wonder that I failed so many times.


If no one ever told you, I’m here to say that you probably weren’t born with the skills that you’ll need for this business. You’ll need to get trained and learn those skills.


Just know that before you sign the dotted line to join that network marketing company, that it is just an opportunity to make money and there is no guarantee of any money being made and you will need to learn the skills necessary to run a successful network marketing business.


Good luck to you!!


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