Why did you join your network marketing company?


Joining network marketing company?

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There could be any number of reasons why people join a network marketing business. You might get as many different answers as the number of people you ask. Everyone has their own specific reasons to join, but I’d like to talk about what I consider to be the 5 main reasons.


Here are the 5 main reasons why people join a network marketing company.


They join network marketing because the want to get a discount on the products.


This is a very popular reason why people join a network marketing business. Let’s face it, most network marketing products are very expensive. Everyone from the company through all of the downline get their little piece of the action. Someone has to pay those commissions and bonuses! It’s not the company. It’s the customers. Anyone can join and enjoy the little bit of retail profit that they get and the commission as well. Over time, you should save enough money to pay for the distributorship and then you’ll see the discount.


They join network marketing because they want to make a little extra money.


There are people out there that just need an extra $300.00 to $500.00 per month to make ends meet. There are also people who just want to improve their standard of living, a bit. That kind of money would pay for a new car or they can take an extra vacation. They don’t want to run a big business, they just need a little extra money to help them.

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They join network marketing because they want to help people.


They hear about the products that a company is selling and they like what they did for them. Maybe they got healthier, maybe they got in better shape or maybe they just look and feel better about themselves. If they got the benefits from the products wouldn’t other want those same benefits?


They may also try to help people by showing them the business side of the network marketing industry. There a lot of people out there that are living paycheck to paycheck or are struggling financially. Developing a second income would help most people.


They join network marketing because the want the financial freedom.


Personally, I believe that this is the reason why most people join the business. When they are shown the business presentation, their eyes light up. They see it as relatively easy. They only need to get 6 people to join their business and they only need to get 4 people to join and so on. “Making $100,000 per year is going to be a breeze!” Then they wake up to the cold, stark truth and they give up. It’s never as easy as it looks.


I also believe that this is the #1 reason that people quit the business. They expect it to be easy and it’s not. They are bitterly disappointed and leave the business. Unmet expectations kill almost everything!


They join for the time freedom.


I actually think that time freedom is a pipe dream. At least it is for most network marketers. Even if you are one of the very few who reach the top level of you company’s pay plan, you’ll probably be putting in over 40 hours per week and traveling a lot on top of that. This isn’t to say that time freedom is impossible. If you are able to build up your business big enough, you could probably sell your position. At that point, you’d need to decide if you want to be retired or not.


I agree that once you get to the top level, you will have choices and those choices may be to give yourself more time to enjoy your life, but your business will be large and it will place a lot of demands on you and your time.


There you have my list of what I consider to be the 5 main reasons why people join the network marketing industry. Did you join for any of those reasons? If not, join the conversation and let me know why you joined in the comments section below.


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