Never judge a book by its cover

Do not prejudge anyone!


don't judge a book by its cover

I heard a podcast the other day. It was all about trying to pick out who the best prospects will be. Trying to decide who would make the best distributors. You would think that there are those people who would be better suited for network marketing than others. You would think that there are certain professions that would make better distributors. You would think, wouldn’t you.


There was a list of criteria that a person should meet before you decide to show them the business plan.


The list included retail sales people, real estate sales people, car sales people, anyone else who works on a commission, people with previous business experience and people who have big spheres of influence. Basically, people who know a lot of other people. These are the preferred types of people to show the business to.


These types of people are used to not getting a real paycheck, every two weeks. They are people who can live with delayed gratification.


Wouldn’t it be great to know who to show the business plan to? That would save a lot of time and heartache! Fewer people would quit. In fact, everyone would get rich! We’re dreaming now!


We’ve all heard those stories where the guy is down and out. He has to use his last bit of credit on his credit card to join. Then he just kills the business. Not only is he out of debt, but he is vacationing all around the world. Those classic rags to riches stories are great, aren’t they!


Am I the next rags to riches story

Then you hear about the sale person who is working 70 hours per week. They never see their kids. They don’t take vacations because they would lose too much income being away from work that week. They are working themselves into an early grave. They sign up and have every incentive to make it big in this business, but they never do anything with it.


These types of stories just prove that you never know what’s going to happen when you sign someone up in your business. You just never know who is going to be good and who isn’t.


Luckily, it’s not your job to pick and choose. It is your job to sort and sift!


However you do it, it’s your job to ask if people have an interest in making some extra money or if they have ever though about owning their own business. Then you need to get those who have an interest in front of a business presentation.


Either they will see the vision or they don’t. Either they’ll join or they won’t. It’s their decision. You just need to get them to make that decision.


There’s no more to it than that and there is no less to it than that.


It is just your job to find people who are interested and get them in front of the business plan.


Don’t prejudge anyone. You may be wrong and miss out on the next home run hitter!


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