What kind of support should I expect from my sponsor?



how much help will I get?



When you start a business, you look to bankers and accountants to help you. Maybe you hire a lawyer to help with a legalities. You are looking to other professionals to give you a hand getting started.


You would never think about asking other people in your industry to help you. They, after all, are going to be your competition. They will be working against you. They will be trying to make sure that no customers will visit your business. They would even like to put you out of business, if they can.


That’s not a very friendly attitude. You can’t blame them, though. You’ll be trying to take market share away from them. You’d like to put them out of business, too!


It’s a cut throat business. It’s dog eat dog and every man or woman for themselves.



it's a dog eat dog world



With everyone and their brother wanting you to fail and actively working toward your demise, it’s no wonder that so many businesses fail!


That’s what happens when you try to start a traditional business.


Let’s look at the network marketing business.


The network marketing business model is not the same as the traditional business model. Network marketers are encouraged to help other people succeed. Not only are they encouraged to help, they are actually rewarded for their efforts.


When you look to sign up with a network marketing company, you are looking to start a business that has the potential to generate hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. I would think that you’d take this decision very seriously.


The team that you join has more to do with your success than the company or the products they are selling.


It is to your advantage to do your due diligence, your homework. You not only want to talk to the person who is trying to recruit you but, also take the time to talk to their sponsor as well. You should go as high up the line as you can get. Ask as many questions as you can think of.



do your homework



Your line of questioning should be about the kind of help and training that you will be getting. You need to know what kind of advertising and marketing strategies that will be available to you as you move forward.


I read somewhere that you should be sure to find a sponsor and an up line who has the experience in the industry, who is building a successful business already and has a proven track record of helping others to be successful.


That seems to sum it up very well!


With all that said, I’d like to share my personal story of how I wound up in the group that I am with now. I, actually, had decided on the industry I wanted to be in, about year before I signed up. I looked at all the companies in this industry. There are only a few. I chose the company that looked the best to me. I looked around to find a good team to join. I talked to the guy who would be an upline before I talked to the guy who was to be my sponsor. They sounded like bright guys. The one who would be my sponsor is a computer programmer who was developing software that was going to help everyone, on the team, to gather leads on autopilot. I was able to talk to their up line as well. He was already building a good sized business and seemed willing to help everyone in his down line. He was at the third level of the company’s compensation plan, out of 5 levels. I even got to talk to his up line. That guy was the #8 earner in the company. I thought I had found a home.






I signed the dotted and got started.


That was all the good news that there was. My sponsor, the computer programmer, quit the business, 7 weeks later. His sponsor quit 2 weeks after that. I haven’t heard from either of the other 2 guys in over a year. That hasn’t deterred me in the least!



where did my upline go?



How much help and support should you expect from your sponsor and their upline? Probably not much!


I think it’s true what they say. Even the best laid plans often go awry!



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