The Law of 1,000 in network marketing


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the law of 1,000 in network marketing


It seems like everyone and their brother has a “Law.” You know … something that is an undeniable truth about the world and life in general. I want a Law, too! It doesn’t have to be anything as grandiose as some of the Laws out there. I’d be willing to settle for something that is related to the network marketing industry.


I had to think up something that would be interesting, fun and at least a little bit helpful. Not necessarily in that order.


I get asked, all the time, “How long will it take?” They are asking how long will it take to reach the top level of their network marketing business. Most people in network marketing know that it is impossible to tell exactly how long it will any one person. There are just too many variables!


It’s funny that even though it’s impossible to know that information, most network marketers will try to give a prospect a real answer. “It’s easy!” “The products sell themselves!” Which most of us know isn’t true.


For my Law, I wanted to try to give a realistic answer to, “How long will it take?” I say realistic, because most people won’t like the answer, but it’s probably true.


The Law of 1,000


My Law states that:


All prospective recruits, for network marketing, must be genuinely and properly qualified, must see a real business presentation and they must make a decision as to whether or not to join and then recruiting network marketer must do this as many times as it takes to get the answer “No” 1,000 times, before they will find success in network marketing.”


Is this a real Law? No, not real. I just made it up. I do think that it gives a prospect a better idea of how long it might take to find success in network marketing. At least this would give them a real goal to strive for. I’m not suggesting that a network marketer should go out and try to find people who will say “No” to them. They should be out there trying to find qualified people to hear their business presentation. Whether they say “Yes” or “No” doesn’t matter.


collecting decisions in network marketing


If all you want to do is to have people say “No” to you, just ask them if they want to join your business. Believe me, they’ll say “No” all the time.


The object is to give the business a real try before you quit. If you show your business compensation plan to that many people, then you can hardly help but to be a success. If you don’t show that many business plans, then you really didn’t try hard enough. You’d only have yourself to blame and not the industry.


If someone were to real try this how long can they expect to take?


If they talk to and properly qualify 2 prospects per day, it would be a little less than 2 years. If they were to do this with 1 person per day, it would take between 3 and 4 years. Either way is not bad!


If they talked to 10 people per day and I’m not sure that it’s realistic to do that, but I know there are those out there that claim to have gone through that many people or more, you could finish in 3 to 4 months.


how long will it take you to succeed in network marketing


Notice that the Law states that a network marketer will find success in network marketing. That’s vague on purpose. It doesn’t say that a network marketer will reach the top levels of their company’s compensation plan. Although, they might. Even if they aren’t at the top, they will be much farther along the journey.


This Law is loosely based on Bill Britt’s real life experiences. He talked to 1,300 people and 1,000 of them said “No.” I guess they didn’t realize who they were talking to.


Would you be willing to talk to enough people to hear the word “No” 1,000 times? Would anyone?


Does this explain why 97% of people never have any success in network marketing? Maybe it does!


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