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I was having lunch at a Chinese restaurant and there in the middle of the table was a Lazy Susan. I didn’t even know that they still had those things. We had one when we were growing up. I come from a family of 6 and it was a practical thing to have at dinner time.


If you don’t know what a Lazy Susan is it is a big wooden tray that sits in the middle of a dining room table and it turns. It is manual operated. It helps to pass food to another person without having to reach across the table. If the person, directly opposite you at the table, wants the mashed potatoes, you can put them on the Lazy Susan and turn it until it’s in front of the other person and they can reach it.


There are two ways that you can live your life. You can wait for the Lazy Susan of life to turn in your direction and see what’s waiting for you or you can go out and get what you want.


A Lazy Susan is just that, a lazy way to get things handed to you. Yes, things will come your way. You just have to sit there and wait for them to present themselves. A certain number of opportunities will be on that Lazy Susan. You might like them and you might not. You won’t get to see most of the opportunities out there because you have chosen to sit and wait for things to come to you.


You won’t have to work for the opportunities. They just come your way.


Of course they come your way in their time not on your schedule. Maybe your ready for them when they show up, but maybe it’s just bad timing and you’re unprepared. That Lazy Susan just keeps turning. The next thing you know, that opportunity is gone. Now you have to wait.


You’ll be left hoping that the right opportunity comes around at the right time in your life.


Has this ever happened to you? Have you met the right person at the wrong time in your life? Have you been offered a great job or a business opportunity and it was just the wrong time for you?


I wish ...


Do you find yourself saying, “I wish …” a lot? “I wish I had the money when that came along.” “I wish I met you before.” “I wish I had the time now.”


Those are the kinds of things that we say to ourselves when something comes along and we were unprepared for it.


The opposite of this is to know what it is that you want and then go out and find it.


If you want to find someone to date or marry, then you have to know what kind of person you are looking for. Then go out and find that kind of person.


If you are looking to start a business or find a new job, then you must know what kind of business that you want to start or what kind of job that you’ll be happy with. Then find it.


If you joined a network marketing business, did you join because your friend said that it would be easy or did you know what kind of business you were looking for then you went out and found it? Most people join a business because a friend recommended it.


I think this is a major cause of failure in our lives. It’s why people quit network marketing and it’s why so many people get divorced. They had to take what the Lazy Susan brought them.


It’s a case of waiting for the Lazy Susan to rotate a business in front of you. Should you take the opportunity that it’s brought or do you decide to wait. When it comes around again, who knows what will be on it. The same thing happens in marriages. When that Lazy Susan spins around and presents you with someone, who knows what will be there if you don’t pick them.


If you wait on the Lazy Susan of life to present opportunities to you, your odds of success are diminished in all of your activities and all aspects of your life.


What are you going to do? Are you going to sit there and wait to see what comes around?



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