My love/hate relationship with network marketing


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network marketing is tough




I’ve been in the network marketing industry, off and on, for many many years. I’ve had a lot of complete failures and one complete winner where I reach the top level of a company. You can read My Bio page to see what happened with that one! Through the years I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with network marketing.


I’ll go over the things that I love about the industry and the things that I hate about it and see if I can draw any conclusions from them.


The things I love about network marketing


The top thing that I love about network marketing is that it is a challenge unlike any other. It will test your mettle and make you improve yourself, on a daily basis. It is vastly different from any other business.


Another thing that I like about network marketing is that you don’t have employees, you have independent distributors. You don’t have to pay independent distributors. The company is responsible for all of that.


A very close second is residual income. Where else can you do the work once and get paid for it virtually forever? As long as people keep buying the products, you keep getting paid.


You can earn time freedom. This is closely related to residual income. You can build a residual income large enough so you don’t have to work as hard or not at all. You can sell your business and live your life on your terms.


i love network marketing


If you are to succeed in network marketing you will need to become a different person. Well, most of us anyway. You will need to become a leader of people. Nothing beats becoming the best possible you that you can be.


This business offers flexibility. You don’t have to be to work at any specific time. It is designed to be a part time venture that the time commitment expands as you succeed.


You can help other people to become successful and change their lives forever. You can’t become a success in network marketing by yourself. You have to build and lead a team of like minded individuals. You don’t carry them, you help them to improve and become their best possible selves. All the while, you’ll be forging great friendships that will last a lifetime.


It doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started in the business. Not only that, there is very low overhead involved. Rarely do you need to have a lot or any inventory. You don’t usually have to spend thousands of dollars, every month, to operate your business.


You are paid what you are worth to the company. If you build an large organization that sells a lot of products, you’ll make a lot of money.


The things I hate about network marketing


The thing I hate most about network marketing is that there are people out there who are ruining the profession. This business is difficult enough without having other people go out there and chasing people all over town trying to beg them or bug them to get into the business. Being guilty by association is a terrible fate.


Another thing I hate about network marketing is that you don’t have employees, you have independent distributors! The bad thing about having independent distributors is that you can’t fire an independent distributor. There is no way to coerce them into working. Either they want to do the work or they don’t.


i hate network marketing


I hate the fact that there is little to no training provided by the network marketing companies, themselves. You’ll either have to rely on an upline, who may or may not know how to build a organization, or you may be able to figure it out on your own by reading books or listening to CDs. It would be nice to get lucky and find that you can get all of your training from a good upline, but that’s rarely the case.


Network marketing has a very low success rate. I wish more people could find success, but there seems to be a disturbingly low amount of good training out there. There’s lots of training out there, but I’m not sure that it helps very many people. The low success rate is why a lot of people don’t ever want to join a network marketing business in the first place.


The is an old saying, “Many hands make light work.” In network marketing, you don’t and can’t succeed all by yourself. You will need many many people helping you.


Network marketing has a reputation of being a scam and a pyramid scheme. This is one of the main things that hurts the industry and makes it more difficult to be successful.


Those are the main things that I love and hate about network marketing.


My conclusions:


As you can see, there are a lot of things that I don’t like about network marketing. It is an industry that does have its share of problems. However, there are many more things that I love about this industry.


It’s a difficult business model to be a success with. It’s certainly not for everyone. I believe that anyone can do this business, but very few people will ever achieve great success in it. That’s probably why I have a love/hate relationship with network marketing!


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