Why are there so many meetings?

Meetings!  Meetings! My kingdom for a meeting!




It seems like there is always a meeting to go to. A meeting for this and a meeting for that. Why are there so many meetings?

The first meeting we all go to is the original opportunity meeting that we attend. You should remember that. You got tricked into seeing this “new idea” by one of your friends. You say down and watch some guy draw fancy circles on a white board for an hour or so. When he said that if you found 6 people who would join the business, that you’d be making $100,000 per year, you were hooked.

You signed the paperwork, paid your money and you were off to the races.

Let’s take a look at the types of meetings that you’ll have at your disposal and to see if you should attend them or not.


Launching your business right


Your first meeting is a meeting of sorts. It has been called a launch party or a grand opening. The launch party is just that, a party to launch your new business. If you filled out a memory jogger, and who hasn’t, this party is where you’d like to invite them all to.

If you were opening a store a restaurant, you’d hold a grand opening event, wouldn’t you? You would invite your friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers to visit you and see what it is that you are selling. It’s no different when you are running a home based business. You just get to host everyone in your home instead of at a store front.


Training meetings


training meeting


Hopefully, your company, your group or your sponsor is holding a training meeting, regularly. It could be held locally, online or on the phone. There needs to be a way of sharing information about what is working in the current market.

Most people have no idea what to do when they first get started in their own businesses. Training is essential to everyone’s success.


Opportunity meetings


Yes, you attended an opportunity meeting before you joined. Now it’s your turn to recruit people. One of the best ways to recruit people is to invite them to an opportunity meeting. It might be a one on one meeting. That is if you are trained on how to conduct a meeting of this type. Someone in your upline might be willing to conduct a 2 on 1 meeting for you.

You should be able to find a home meeting to go to. This is when you go to someone’s home and they have a business presentation in their living room. You might get brave and have a home meeting at your home, someday.

One of the top earners in your company is probably conducting a hotel meeting, somewhere in your town. They do the same business presentation that you’d give in your living room, it just seats way more people and you won’t have to clean up afterward.

Thanks to the internet, you can probably find a daily opportunity meeting to go to. Webinars are still growing in popularity. It’s an easy and effective way to get a lot of people from different locations, in a room together at the same time.


Destination meetings


destination meeting

Destination meetings are meetings that you have to pack a suitcase to go to. They are usually the company’s annual convention. This type of meeting will usually last 2 or 3 days. The company might announce new products or they might be opening new territories for their distributors to work.

You’ll get to hear the top earners talk about the business and how it has changed their lives, for the better. If you are lucky, you will get to go to training workshops. Here you will get to learn from the movers and shakers in the company. They will share how they became a mover and a shaker.

To me, the best way to use a convention is to network. Meet other distributors. Talk to the people who are working the business and finding success. You could walk away with a very good mastermind group, to be part of.

Those are the main types of meetings that you can attend. There could be hundreds of meeting to go each year! That’s a lot of meetings.


Should you go to all of them?


That short answer is, probably not. There are just too many meetings for one person to attend. You should go to a lot of them, though!

There could be several hotel meetings in your area. Find the one that you like the best. You want to find one that has a good speaker and also has good attendance. If you would prefer a more intimate venue, find a home meeting to go to. You need to find a place to take your prospects

Never under estimate the power of “social proof!” You can get a group of people together in the same place, they feed of of the energy that is created by the presenter. If you get 1 or 2 people interested in signing up, you might get a dozen people to sign up. It’s the “herd mentality.” People like to belong to things. When they see others wanting to join, that sends out the signal that it is okay to join this business and others want to join with them.


Which meetings should you go to?


which meeting


You should go to at least one opportunity each week, even if you don’t have a guest with you. Yes, you’ll get to hear the same presentation from the same speaker and you’ll even get to hear the same jokes! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Of course by the end of the year, you should know how to give the business presentation frontwards and backwards. You need to know how to give a business presentation

Attending an opportunity meeting each week will also remind you of why you joined in the first place. These opportunity meetings are place to rub elbows with the local people who are building their businesses. You can share information with the people who are actually in the trenches.

If at all possible, you should attend your company’s annual convention. This is the place where millionaires decide to be millionaires!

The rest of the meetings are optional. You might think about attending a webinar, once in a while. You might find that you like them and want to use them to help you recruit people into your business.

All of the meetings are there to help you to build your business. Please find a way to take advantage of them.


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