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MLM recruiting tips




On a typical day on the internet, for me, I read anywhere from 10-30 articles. I peruse several blogs and sites but, I’ll look at new blogs all the time. It’s good for them and I get to read about what others are doing in their businesses these days. I’m always looking for good MLM recruiting tips and other information.


Occasionally, I come across a post that has some really powerful MLM recruiting tips in it. Today is one of those days.


I was trying to find some information regarding the number of Americans that join a network marketing company every month. I found numbers of 200,000 all the way up to 700,000. That’s every month. Even if you go with the low number there that’s a good 50,000 a week. How many of those are you getting?


I’m not here to rag on you … not today anyway.


MLM recruiting tips



My buddy Darren Spruyt published a post a while ago. You can read his whole article here.


In his article he brought up these statistics.


MLM recruiting tips … the statistics


48% of sales people NEVER follow-up

25% of them make the second contact and stop

12% make the 3rd contact and stop

10% make more than 3 contacts


In addition, here are some statistics that will BLOW your mind!

2% of sales are made on the first contact

3% of it is made on the second

5% are made on the 3rd contact

10% are made on the 4th contact

80% are made between the 5th and 12th contact


It kind of makes you think, doesn’t it?


MLM recruiting tips – more statistics


Only 2% of network marketers will ever make any money in this business. Most will lose money and a rare 1 in 7,500 will make it to the top of their company’s pay plan.


I also read the statistic that only about 50% of people who inquire about a product or service will buy. About 20% of those that will buy, are going to buy in the first 90 days. The other 80% will buy sometime in the 15 months after that.


Unfortunately, most network marketers will quit their company in the first 90 days. If you notice the statistics above, it all kind of makes sense.


Even if a new distributor is reasonable active, they are probably going to talk to 1 person a week about their business. That’s 12 people in their first 90 days. If the statistics are correct, then 2.4 of those 12 will join sometime in the first 90 days. That’s not really right. Those first few people that you talk to might join in the first 90 days. Those they talk to in that last 30 days will need another 90 days to decide to join or not.


The reality is that of those 2.4 people who will join a business, it will be a full 6 months to cycle them through. Too bad, the new recruit quit after 90 days.


MLM recruiting tips - 6 months to cycle through everyone



Wow, it’s no wonder so many people can’t make money in this business. They quit before good things happen!


MLM recruiting tips – the decision


If the statistics are correct, then you should follow up at least once per month for at least 18 months. That should give even the most reluctant person the opportunity to make the right decision. I’m not suggesting that you should stop at 18 months. You should only stop following up, if someone joins your business or specifically tells you to stop.


You’ll need at least 18 different things to contact them about. Calling them up on the phone and saying, “Hey, you wanna join my business?” doesn’t count.



MLM recruiting tips - contact prospects frequently



You could ask them to go to a product demonstration. You could give them a sample of your main product. Send them a brochure or some other kind of literature. Send them a gift or greeting card. You can do this just to let them know that you are still thinking about them and to show them that you are still in business.


Send them a letter with testimonials about your products or business.  Send them a name and number of one of your recruits who has done well.


They may want to see some of your marketing materials or a sample of the types of training that they will get while being a member of your team.


Hopefully, the list of ways to contact your prospects goes on and on.



MLM recruiting tips - follow up


The fortune is in the pockets of your prospects, so follow up!


I hope you see how powerful this information really is! As far as MLM recruiting tips go, this is one of the best!


Make sure all of your new recruits read this!!


Use them to encourage them to stay the course. That good things will happen, if they give it enough time and effort!

MLM recruiting tips – the moral


The moral of this story? Follow up, follow up and follow up some more.


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