How much money can I make?



Who knows how much money can I make?



how much money can I make?



I would guess that, “how much money can I make?” is the third most often heard question in network marketing. Right behind, “Is this MLM?” and “How much money are you making?”


“How much money can I make?” is basically the same question as, “How much money are you making?” Most prospects think that if you are making money then they will make the same amount of money that you are. Conversely, if you aren’t making any money, they believe that they won’t make any money either.


I can’t believe that there is anyone who really thinks that it matters at all what their prospector is making. This is one of the few business models that it doesn’t make a difference what anyone else is making.


You are in charge of the amount of money that you make! You could make more money than the top earner.



no really? How much money can I make



Unfortunately, that scares most people. They would much prefer to make a lot less money at a job and at least be guaranteed of that income. Having to risk not making any money at all has a way of scaring away most people.


Most people are risk adverse.


I don’t really understand that attitude. People are willing to drive 75 miles per hour on a highway in the United States. More than 30,000 people are killed in automobile accidents every year. Talk about taking a risk.


People are willing to drink and drive and text while driving. People are even willing to go to the hospital. If you knew how many people die in hospitals, you probably wouldn’t want to go there! Put “deaths due to drug interactions” and “deaths due to medical mistakes” into a search engine and see how many die each year.



live a little and start a business



People are willing to put their money into the stock market. Not only are we willing to risk our lives every day, apparently, we are willing to risk our money as well.


I’m still not getting this??


We risk our lives and we risk our money, but we still want to know how much money the prospector is making. Is starting a business really that scary?


When it comes to risking our lives, we have virtually no problem at all. However, if you think about risking your income, your livelihood, most people would rather run away.


Let me say this to all of those that are too afraid of taking a chance.


Owning your own business is one of the most exciting things that you can ever do. You are the captain of your financial ship. You can actually decide how much money you will make. You can even give yourself a raise, whenever you want one. All you have to do is get more customers and sell more services or products.



you control your own destiny as a business owner



In network marketing, you don’t have to give up your guaranteed income at your job. You will probably have to give up something, though. Maybe television or your bowling night, but if you were to make some extra money, wouldn’t it be worth it?


Let me also say this. You’re willing to go to work every day. You do what your supervisor tells you to do. You probably don’t get paid nearly what you are worth. You may get paid enough to have a car and a place to live. You may be able to take a couple of weeks of vacation each year. Do you really think that you’ll ever get ahead? Will you be able to pay for your children’s college education? Will you be able to retire early? Will you be able to retire at all?


Maybe, maybe not.


Does this make you a beast of burden?



are you a beast of burden?



This is what I have to say about starting a business, any business.


It will work if you are willing to put in the effort. It works, if you do. You are in control of your income. There are certain risks to being in a business. In my humble opinion, the rewards outweigh the risks. You will be the deciding factor on how much money you will make.


Much of the money that you will make will be passive income. You will be paid for your own efforts, but you will also make money based on how well those in your group do. Passive income of this kind is also considered residual income. That means that you may have do the work last year, but you will still get paid for that effort this year, next year and all years that follow.


Don’t be a beast of burden! Invest in your future! Take a chance and get into a business of your own! You can make it happen and you deserve success!!


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