How to motivate your network marketing team


You need to keep your network marketing team motivated!


keep your network marketing team motivated


There are many different ways that you can motivate your network marketing team. I’ll go over several of these methods in this article. However, I do believe that there is one “best way” to get a team member motivated and it keeps them motivated.


I found this definition of motivation on Google:


“The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.”


I would add this to the definition – “The general desire or willingness of someone to do something … because they want to do it.


How can you get someone to want to do something?


You can lead by example


This is a favorite of most network marketers. At least they pay it lip service. I think that it’s a good way to motivate people. They will see that you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work that you’re asking them to do. This method shows your team members what’s possible. Many team members will get discouraged as they try to build their business and seeing that you’re having success may convince them that they, too, can have the success that they want if they can just do what you are doing.


The problem with this method is that some of you downline will think that, “Yeah, that works for you, but I won’t be able to make it work for me.” They may think that you’re just better at the business than they are. I don’t believe that setting an example is enough to keep most people motivated.


Offer recognition


You can recognize people’s achievements, as they build the business. If you can celebrate their victories, you may be able to motivate them to continue working and building. People love to be recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments. This is great for those people who are actively building a business but does little for those who are sitting on the fence and waiting to build.


Take them to events


You should try to get as many teammates to as many events as you can. These are quite motivating and they go home very excited about the business. These events can be anything from a national convention all the way down to a weekly strategy call for your team. These events can motivate people to get started or to continue to grow, but often the motivation wears off after a week or so.


your network marketing team needs to grow


Start a personal development program


Yes, some people will find their motivation from a book or CD. If they are able to internalize the information, they may grow as a person and feel like they are able to do what they need to do.


Have a strong WHY


I think the popular phrase about your “why” is to “have a why that makes you cry.” Having a really good reason to build a business is a great idea. Sometimes this keeps people motivated and moving forward, but most of the time it doesn’t.


As an aside, I think that telling people that they didn’t succeed because they didn’t have a big enough “why” is counterproductive!


Use the fear of loss


You can do this by recruiting in depth. If you recruit someone you can place that recruit under the teammate that you want to motivate. The theory to this method is that they won’t quit because they have something to lose. I believe that this is a good method to use, but the motivation can be short lived. They may be able to generate some income off of the person who was placed under them and that can kick start someone into action. More often than not, the person just waits for you to put more people under them and does little or nothing while waiting.



Here is the #1 way to motivate people on your network marketing team


Help them to develop a method of recruiting people and finding customers that uses their natural talents and abilities. Then stand by them until they feel comfortable doing it on their own. Once they believe that they can build a team and a business, they will be motivated to do just that.


It’s like learning to ride a bicycle.


You could lead by example and hop on your bike and show someone how to ride it.


You could recognize their accomplishments, as they learn. They learned to ride with training wheels so you celebrate. Then you celebrate taking the training wheels off the bike.


You could take them to a bicycle riding convention and hope that they get excited enough to ride their bike when they get home.


The could read books and listen to CDs about how to ride the bicycle.


You can remind them of their “why.” If they learn to ride that bike, they can have a lot of fun with their friends. If they can’t learn to ride a bike, they’ll miss out on all of the fun that their friends are having.


None of those methods would work as well as when you run along side of them while holding onto the bike. You let them see what it feels like to ride and then you let go for a second and they ride by themselves. You let go for longer the next time and pretty soon they build their confidence and they figure out how to balance themselves on top of that bike and now you have a bicyclist!


Yes, it’s more work, but I think that it’s time and effort well spent. Pretty soon you can let go of the network marketer and you’ll have a confident business builder on your team!



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