Most network marketers don’t do anything


Network marketers, what are you afraid of?


network marketers have fears too


The average network marketer gets their distributor kit and they just look at it. They don’t do much, if anything, to advance themselves or their business. Almost no one will put forth a good, consistent, effective effort over a long enough period of time. It’s no wonder that most network marketers never find the success that they say they want.


Do they really want success? Do they want that much change in their lives? Are they afraid to fail?


What is it that makes most people shy away from working in their business?


Do they really want success?


I think at some level most people really do want success or at least they think they do. Success in any endeavor will bring about some level of change. They will have more things to be responsible for when they succeed. They’ll have to manage more people and manage their time better. They may not have the time to give to the things that they used to do and that may not be something that they want to change.


Do they want to change their lives?


I believe that most people want to change their financial circumstances, but they’d like most of the rest of their life to remain the same. They want to have the choice of working or not working. They’d like to do things when they would want to do them. However, most people would say that they’d like to keep their current friends. Unfortunately, having success changes everything in your life. Some people are not prepared to make those kinds of changes.


Are they afraid of failing?


conquer your fears now


Failing usually just confirms what we already believed about ourselves. We are fairly comfortable with failing at things. We don’t like it, but it is what we are most familiar with. Failure doesn’t require us to change much of anything in our lives.


If we are afraid of something we usually try to avoid the thing we are afraid of. If we’re afraid of failure we’d do almost anything to avoid it. Yet we seem to fail all the time. The problem with success and failure is that we can fail any number of times, but we can only succeed once. You need look no farther than Thomas Edison to see that work. He managed to fail to make a light bulb 1,000 times. Then he figured out how to make it work and he only had the one success. His success percentage was terrible, but he only needed to invent the light bulb once.


It seems more like a new distributor has a fear of trying.


We tend to avoid the things that we fear. Most network marketers do a good job of avoiding trying.


I would say that the biggest fears in network marketing is the fear of trying something new and the fear of rejection. Having our friends and family members look at us in that condescending fashion. You know the one that says, “Oh, you’re in one of those things.” You know they’re thinking that you’re stupid for being in a network marketing business and those things never work. It’s a pyramid and everyone loses their money. Not only are you dumb enough to get involve in that thing, but you’ll have to nerve to ask them to get involved too. You’d probably keep more friends if you had leprosy.


It’s a shame that our friends and family will make us feel that way about a little business like network marketing. It’s a bigger shame that we make ourselves feel that way.


Conquering your fears.


Once you’ve figured out what exactly it is that you’re afraid of you can start to overcome those fears.


The best way to conquer your fears is to do that which you are afraid of. If you’re afraid to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, then you should go skydiving. If you’re afraid to approach people about your network marketing business, then you should approach people about your business.


That’s the quickest and easiest way to overcome fears. You could decide that you want to go to 3 or 4 years of therapy and see if that works for you. That’s too slow, for most people!



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