Network marketing … do we have a better way?


 Network marketing?


network marketing





You did exactly what they told you to do. You went to school. You worked hard. You got good grades.d You graduated. You got a good job. All is right with the world, right?




You’ve been at your job for a few years now. You’re up to 3 weeks of vacation. You’ve gotten a couple of promotions, with pay raises. You’ve been able to afford all the trappings.



network marketing vs a "real job"



They call them trappings for a reason!


You’ve gotten pretty good at your job. You even like it, most of the time. You handle the office politics like a pro. You even know how to get the copy machine to work. Yay you!


If all of this is true, then why do you daydream about getting out of there? You are constantly thinking that there has to be a better way.


Is there?




What do you have at your job that you’d like to get rid of?


Your boss? That would be the first to go, right? Are you tired of answering to a guy like that? You could make better decisions than he does. He probably laughs every time he writes your paycheck. Yeah. He’s gotta go!



your boss vs network marketing



How about that alarm clock? It’s been buzzing you out of bed for years. Way too early too. It’s gotta go!


Do you commute to work? Probably so. Most of us do. How’s that rush hour traffic treating you? The horns blaring. Friendly gestures abound. You might get lucky and make it to work without getting into an accident. We’ll put the commute to work near the top of the “gotta go” list!


What do you really think of the office politics? Too much gossiping for you? Everyone is maneuvering for that corner office. Has anyone tried to get you fired, this week? It’s been so much fun dealing with all the different personalities. You’d love to be out that, right? “Gotta go!”


Self employment must be looking good about now.


Maybe you could start a traditional business of your own. That would solve your problems, right?



traditional business vs network marketing



You will have to quit your job, in order to run a business. You can be in charge. There wouldn’t be a boss to answer to. You could set your own hours. You still would need hours of operation. You might need that alarm clock. Don’t throw it out yet. If you have a storefront, you’ll need inventory and probably employees. Unless, you can work all of the hours yourself. How much of an investment will that be? You would still need to commute to your store. Hmm. Maybe this is tougher than you thought. Can you do this? There is an alternative.


Network marketing. Is this a better way?


Network marketing has a small investment needed to get started. Entry costs can run from $10.00 to $500.00, on the lower tier. That’s not a lot money but, it is still your money. Even if you do nothing with your business, you’d just have a small investment at risk.


You don’t have to quit your job while you build this business. Network marketing can be done in as little as 7-10 hours per week. It could possibly be built in less time than that, if you are able to work smarter. Working smarter means that you only share the business opportunity with people who are genuinely interested in owning their own business. You’ll be working along side other business owners.


What about inventory? You can find a network marketing business that requires little or no inventory. You don’t need employees, in the strictest sense of the word. You can pick who you work with.



little to no inventory in network marketing



It is possible to decide how much money you make. Either through recommending the products or services to more people or by finding others, who want to own their own businesses, to help you.


It is also possible to make a real “walk away” income. What is “walk away” income? This is the amount of income that you would need to have in order to walk away from the business. This is achieved through the residual income that your business can generate. Yes, you can do the work one time and get paid forever.


That seems to good to be true. It is true, though. If you are able to build a strong and growing organization, you could literally, generate enough residual income to walk away from the business.


There are downsides to everything. Network marketing certainly has its downsides. Owning a business isn’t for everyone. But the lifestyle is! Think about it! There is a better way.  Network marketing opportunities.





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