Network marketing – is it just a big numbers game?


You can turn your network marketing business

into a numbers game!


network marketing can be a numbers game


I hear this all the time … “It’s just a numbers game!” Are the people who say that, right? I do believe that at some point it does become a numbers game.


What is a numbers game, anyway?


On dictionary.com, the term “a numbers game” is defined like this: A numbers game is a situation in which the most important factor is how many of a particular thing there are.


To a network marketer, “a numbers game” means that once you do something enough times, you’ll accomplish the goal or complete the task.


In network marketing, a numbers game means that a distributor just needs to talk to enough people in order to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. A network marketer can talk to people until they’re blue in the face and never get anywhere, if they don’t know what they’re doing.


If an untrained network marketer went out into the world and said, “I’m in network marketing, do you want to join?” How many people would sign up? That person might get lucky and find a couple of people who might say, “yes,” but more than likely, they’d just hear, “No” a lot and give up fairly quickly.


There is a 3 step process that turns network marketing into a numbers game. Once it’s a numbers game then it’s just a matter of putting enough people through the process to get to what level you’d like to get to.


network marketing sales process


Step 1 is to get trained. Network marketing is a skills based business and you have to have the skills in order to do this business, successfully. They basic skills that every network marketer needs are building rapport with prospects, inviting them to see a business presentation or product demonstration, giving that presentation or demonstration, answering objections, following up with the prospects and training your recruits to do the same thing that you’re doing.


Step 2 is to develop your own sales and recruiting process. Once you’ve mastered the basic skills, you’ll need to figure out exactly what you’ll say at each step of the process. It’s anyone’s guess on what verbiage will work best for you. You can read other people’s scripts to get an idea of what you might want to say, but trial and error will work best for this. You can write down 5 to 10 different things that you think might work at each step. Then go out and test them. Once you figure out what works best, at each step, you’re ready to go to work.


Step 3 is to start to run people through your sales process. You’ve mastered the basic skills and you know what you’re going to say at each step of the sales process. Now it’s a numbers game!


It’s at this point that you should know how many sign ups you get per 100 people that you talk to and from that, you should be able to figure out about how many people you’ll need to take through your sales process in order to recruit the number of people that you need.



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