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How should you build your network marketing business?


build in depth


I read a blur on a blog, yesterday. It said that you should never build in depth. Building in depth, in this instance, is placing someone that you were going to personally recruit under someone in your downline.


The logic behind building in depth


If you have someone in your downline, who you think could be good at building a big business, but needs a helping hand, why not put a few recruits under them. This way they get paid. Hopefully, seeing some money coming into their business will be the spark that motivates them to build on their own.


The logic behind not building in depth


You should keep all of your recruits for yourself. Placing a recruit under someone in your downline rarely, if ever, motivates that downline to take action.


My initial reaction to the don’t build in depth argument was, hmm, that makes sense. Why would you want to place a distributor under someone who is not really working their business? If that’s the case, then it would be a waste of time and effort to give away a recruit. Who would want to do that?


I’ve had some time to think about it all. I’m thinking that building in depth is still a good idea.


What’s the worst that could happen?


To me, the worst thing that could happen is that your downline might get paid for the actually recruitment, that is if your company pays for recruiting. You would get the money, your downline would. That is the point to recruiting in depth. Okay, so you’ll have to do without a little bit of money. You’re kind of making in investment into the career of a fellow network marketer, who happens to be in your downline.


What’s the best that could happen?


Obviously, the strategy could work and you could prod your downline into action. That would be the best of both worlds. You’ll sacrifice some money in the short term, but make it up in the long term.


build in depth its worth the risk


What else could happen?


There are only a few other things that can happen if you build in depth. Either the downline builds or they don’t build. They could stay in the business or they could quit.


If they turn out to be business builders, then strategy worked and you are the conquering hero. If they don’t build, then they probably wouldn’t qualify for commissions and they would be passed up to you. If they quit the business, then the distributor that you placed under them becomes your direct downline.


How much of a gamble is building in depth?


You’re betting on the fast that getting someone paid, in your downline, will spark them into a business builder. You are putting up whatever money your company pays the direct distributor. Some companies will pay the upline some of the money for a downline recruit, so you may be giving up less money in that case. Other than that, there is only upside potential.


give them a payday build in depth


You can still work directly with that recruit who is placed in the downline. You won’t give that up at all.




The thought that “I did the work, I should get paid for it” is too much for most people. The upside potential with building in depth is great and there isn’t much in the way of downside. I would conclude that building your network marketing business in depth is still a good idea!


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