Why do they say no to my network marketing business?


The word NO isn’t rejection in network marketing!


no doesn't mean a personal rejection


Doesn’t it seem like most of the people you talk to say no to your business? I’d estimate that 8 or maybe even 9 people out of every 10 that you talk to will say no. If you practice a lot and get pretty good at this business, you’ll still get about 6 or 7 out of 10 saying no.


Those are terrible odds. For most people, it’s more rejection than they can take. In the beginning, you may get 20 or 30 nos in a row. Are you prepared for that? This is a tough business.


Why are they all saying no? Everyone wants more money, right? Why wouldn’t everyone say yes? You would think that most people would jump at the chance to make more money, but it never happens like that.


Most people just have no interest in owning their own business. If they wanted to own a business they probably would be in a business now.


There are a lot of people who think that they want a business. Maybe they have a secret longing for the thrill of entrepreneurship. Maybe they just need some extra money to pay their bills. Those are the people that you are looking for.


They say no because …


The main reason they say no is because they have no interest in owning a business of their own. They see owning a business as something that is too risky. They need a steady paycheck to feel safe. If they don’t get that paycheck every other week, they’d be scared to death that they wouldn’t be able to survive.


most people are afraid of missing a paycheck


Another reason they say is that they’d have no idea what to do. Maybe they want to own a business, but they wouldn’t even know where to start.


Can you imagine walking into a crowded room and announcing that there was a job opening to be a doctor? You tell the crowd that they could be making $150,000 per year. Then you ask who would like to be a doctor. You’d probably get a bunch of people wanting to become a doctor. They would just be there for the money, but they’d want to do it. Then there would be a group of people who might really want to be a doctor. They would want to help people like that, but they’d have no idea how to be a doctor.


How do you react?


Let me ask you a question, now. If most people in that crowded room said no to being a doctor, would you take it personally? If that was your job, to find people who wanted to be a doctor, would you quit? You shouldn’t. People aren’t necessarily rejecting you as a person, they just prefer not to become a doctor.


The same thing goes for network marketing. When people say no to you, it might be that they just have no interest in owning a business or maybe they just are afraid of owning a business because they have no idea what to do. If you were able to show them a step by step plan to achieve success in network marketing, then would then join you? Why don’t you ask them next time?


Most people are going to say no to your products and your business opportunity. That’s just part of this business. You need to temper your emotions and try not to take it so personally! Hopefully, that will keep you in business longer which will give you a better chance at success!



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