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You got tricked into watching a business plan by one of your friends. You didn’t know what to expect, but as it turns out, you liked. In fact, you loved it! You had visions of residual checks in your mailbox and expensive vacations every year. Ah, the good life!


You signed the dotted line and you waited for your distributor kit. When it finally arrived, you got all excited again. You opened it up and took out all of the reading material and you read it from cover to cover. Now what?


Most new distributors are so excited by their new business that the first thing they want to do is to run out and tell the world about it. Well, at least little corner of the world. They call their friends and family members to tell them the good news.


“Hey, I just joined this business. You should sign up too and we can make a lot of money, together.”


What do they get for the excitement? They get hung up on or told that it will never work. Sometimes the reactions are worse than that. The new distributor’s excitement just got squashed. They might recover or they might not. The big question that they will ask is, “Why didn’t they see what I saw?” or maybe, “What did I do wrong?”


They figured that everyone would “get it.” That everyone would be just as excited as they were when they first saw those magic circles being drawn. Alas, it didn’t happen that way.


Hopefully, it’s just a tough lesson learned and they will lick their wounds and carry on. The problem is that a lot of disappointed distributors end up quitting or giving up and never really do anything after that.


Network marketing is a very tough business. All businesses are hard, but network marketing comes with a built in stigma. People look down on network marketing as though is was the wicked stepchild of the business world.


What’s a body to do?


start your network marketing business the right way


A sly network marketer will try to deceive their prospect and trick them into sitting down with them. The unscrupulous network marketer will actually lie to people in order to talk to them about their business. I don’t think either of those tactics will work. At least not in the long run.


The smart network marketer knows that, at any given moment, there are going to be a certain number of people that are finally fed up with their situations and are open to hearing about owning their own business. It’s just a matter of finding them. They know that they don’t need to trick, deceive or lie to anyone. They just have to ask the right questions to find out if their prospects are at that point. Are they open to a new idea?


If you ask a prospect about their jobs, to find out what they are really thinking about it, you will find those people who are ready and willing to hear what you have to say. You can ask questions like, “Do you like your job?” or “Do they pay you enough?” Their answers, to simple questions like that, will tell you where they are in their thinking. Once you establish that they are the people who have an open mind, you can ask them to sit down with you.


Asking a direct question is the best way to go. “Are you open to a side project that wouldn’t interfere with what you are doing now?”


That question is pretty much of a cliché in network marketing, but it does work. Then set the appointment!


Network marketing is hard, but it is simple. It’s a matter of knowing what to say and what not to say to people. Once you figure that out, it gets much easier.


You have to ease people into see your business plan. You don’t need to deceive anyone!


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