Does your network marketing company want you to fail?


 It’s you and me against the world!








I have the ending of this post all figured out but, I have no idea where to start it.


In the beginning, I suppose.


I was out reading blogs and watching videos and I clicked on a link. I thought I was being sent to a blog post but, nooo! I got sent to a sales video. Yippee!!


I made the decision to watch it for a minute or two, just to see what it was. Well, it was interesting. The guy in the video made a statement at the 3 minute mark and I paused the video. What he said was so profound that I haven’t even looked at the rest of the video.


His statement was that, “your network marketing company actually needs you to fail.” The reasoning behind that statement was that if everyone who got into the business was successful, the company would never make any money.


I stopped on a dime. It was like, WOW! Could this be true?



stopped on a dime



Have you ever wondered why network marketing companies don’t offer any real training? No real sales training. No real recruiting training. You get your distributor kit and a good luck handshake and you are sent on your way.
I take that back. They give you the dreaded “memory jogger,” so you can list your friends, your relatives, your coworkers and anyone else that you may have come in contact with over the past several years.


Is that training? Hardly. What is it then? That is a list of potential customers.


If you got a sales job at a computer store, wouldn’t they give you training? If you got a sales job at a medical supplies company, wouldn’t they train you? If you’re a Girl Scout in a cookie selling contest, don’t they train you? The last time I looked they even gave Girl Scouts scripts to use, to sell their cookies.



betcha this salesman got training



It seems almost every sales job has training with it! Not network marketing.


It seems the network marketing gurus have filled this void. Whether that’s good, bad or indifferent, I’m not sure. I do have my opinions about that!


What business is your network marketing company really in?


That’s an easy question, right?


Some of you are saying, we’re in the soap business. Others of you are saying, we’re in the vitamin business. Still others are thinking that it is a trick question and they are saying, we’re in the duplication business. I hate to say it but, you’re all pretty much wrong!


Well, I’ll give you half credit for any of those answers. I’m a nice guy.


Actually, your network marketing company is in the money making business. They, like all businesses, are trying to make as much money as they possibly can!



in the money making business



If they weren’t making money, they’d quit.


Not making money is the #1 reason that people quit their network marketing company. If they were making money, they would never quit! Right?


It is my opinion that your network marketing company wants you to fail. Not you personally, but, enough people have to fail in order for them to continue in the business. They want as many paying customers as they can get. They also want to pay out as little money as possible. It’s all about their bottom line.


They do need some people to succeed. Who would want to join, if no one ever succeeded?


I read a story, years ago, about a start up network marketing company. The article told about how the founders of the company had called in about a dozen “heavy hitters” from the network marketing industry. You know the ones. The people who have huge downlines.



heavy hitter



My guess is that they called top earners from companies that had recently gone out of business. Or maybe they were just looking to diversify their income. These top earners would be able to bring with them many of the distributors from the old company, to the new company. They would have an instant downline and be making lots of money. That’s a good incentive!



please get trained



The company could hold these people up as examples of what a great opportunity this company offers. Look at these people! You can do it too! Oh yeah, don’t forget to pay for your auto-ship.


To their credit, these top earners must’ve done the work somewhere along the line. Congratulations! It’s really paying off now!


I’m not saying that other people can’t reach the top. Just not very many of them.


It all kind of makes sense, now.


They need customers, not successful distributors. That explains why they have auto-ship.


It also explains why they never train us.


And why they call this a business “opportunity.” Some opportunity.


To everyone who reads this, please succeed! Learn how to do this business. There are skills to running any kind of business and network marketing is no different. Let’s show these companies!!


To your success!!


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