What does your network marketing company sell?


Does network marketing give you hope for a better life?


does network marketing give you hope



What are you selling? Many network marketers will tell the type of products or services that their company has for sale. They will tell you that they are selling weight loss shakes, jewelry, makeup, legal services or electricity.


I heard a network marketing guru say that we all sell “a lifestyle.”


You’re selling getting a new car and having the big house. You’re selling the idea of sending your children to the best schools that money can buy. You’re selling taking long vacations.


You’re not selling weight loss shakes. You’re not really selling them, if you have aspirations of making a lot of money in this business.


Are you selling an idea? Or are you selling a dream? I like to think of it as selling “hope.”


Benjamin Franklin said, “Most men die at 25… we just don’t bury them until they are 70.”


I think he was talking about losing hope or having your dreams die long before you really die.


Once you’re set into your life, you’re married, you have children, you have a nice house and a car payment or two, you’re kind of stuck in your job choice. You’re lifestyle probably keeps up with or surpasses your income, in most years. Some people out spend their income by a large amount. This makes it very difficult to make a change in employment.


Most people would be petrified by the thought of quitting their job and doing something else. How would they pay their bills? How would they buy food? This realization makes most people give up on their dreams.


They just work.


They work 5 days per week and try to live their lives in that 48 hours over the weekends. Then twice a year, they get to have 9 days to do what they really want to do. That’s the two weekends that sandwich their 5 day vacation.


hope for a good vacation


I don’t know about you, but that just doesn’t seem right. Unfortunately, those are the rules that have been set up for us. This is the tried and true way of living life. This is the time honored and tested ritual that we are told to do. This is the safe way to live your life. This kind of life offers you security!


The thing that I don’t understand is this. Why are people so willing to spend 40 to 50 years of their life living like this when they could invest 5 to 10 years to learn how to run a business and be done with their jobs?


Are safety and security that important to people? If a business doesn’t work out for them, they could always go back to work. Or better yet, they could start a side business and run it during their off hours. They wouldn’t have to give up their precious job.


I don’t get it.


What if they decide to try a business opportunity?


Even if you do manage to get someone to give a network marketing business a real try, what normally happens is that the quit before they do anything. Why is this?


I think that in the process of showing them how network marketing works, the presenter gives them hope. A glimmer of hope runs through them. For a brief moment, they believe that they can do it. They allow themselves to dream. They get excited for the first time in a while.


Then they get home and they wait for their distributor kit to arrive. When it finally gets there, they open it and their enthusiasm is gone. They look through their kit and the hope is gone.


Who were they kidding?


They’ll just continue to play it safe and get that paycheck every two weeks. It’s back to the grind and waiting to be buried.


What amazes me most about hope is that it doesn’t take much to get people to at least think that they can achieve things.


Are we selling hope or false hope?


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