Network marketing – should I use my company video to recruit?


Do you use your network marketing company video?


network marketing company video


Every network marketing company has their video or videos to use. There may be training videos. There may be videos about the products and how they’re made. They probably have a video to show how the compensation plan works. Are any of those company videos worth using to recruit people?


Most network marketers are looking for the easy way out. The simplest way to recruit someone would be to send them a video that explains everything to them and then recruits them. Yes, that would be great if you could do that. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with doing that.


The first is that “one size fits all” doesn’t apply in this instance. Everyone is different and everyone has different problems that they’d like to solve. Unless you have a video that would address every problem known to mankind, you’re going to have a difficult time recruiting people. A generalized company video is just that, general. It’s not made to teach people how they can solve their individual problems with network marketing. It’s made to give them a general overview of the company, it’s products and the compensation plan.


These kinds of videos do have their place in network marketing. Using them to recruit probably isn’t one of them.


Another problem with these videos is that they lack the “personal touch.” The old saying that people join people, not businesses is very true. If all your prospect wanted to do was to join the company, the company wouldn’t need you. The company would just put that amazing video on the internet and they’d have people signing up all day long. Then you’d be out of a job. The fact that the video doesn’t really work to recruit people is a good thing!


If you’re relying on a company video to recruit someone, you’re going to look like you don’t really know what you’re doing. You may come across as someone who is weak in their skills or that you really don’t know what you’re doing. Are your prospects liable to join your business if they think you’re unskilled?


Yes, using a video makes it look easy to do this business. That’s if it’s working.


a network marketing company video won't address the problem


No matter who’s watching the video, they’ll find whatever it is they’re looking for. A new distributor wants to feel like they made a good decision by joining, they’ll find a lot of reasons in those videos that will support that decision. Your prospects are going to be looking to find reasons not to join. They’ll find those reasons in the videos if that’s what they want to find.


I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use videos in your business. You should use them, but they do have their place.


Before you give someone a video


When you’re recruiting someone, you should’ve already done the “heavy lifting” of the recruiting process. You should’ve built rapport, identified the prospect’s problem and then offered them a solution. Those are the times for the personal touch of a living human being! If they want to solve their problem, they’ll ask what your solution is. That’s when you use the video.


I don’t know of any video that takes the place of doing that part of the work. This business requires you to build a relationship with your prospects. It doesn’t have to be a 20-year friendship. A relationship can be built on the rapport that can be built in minutes.


Where else can you use the company videos?


The company video is best used for training purposes. Your new recruits will need to learn the kind of general knowledge that can be found in those videos.


By all means, use a video, but use it at the right time!



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