Network marketing is a DIY business



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network marketing is a diy business


It seems that a lot of people, who are in network marketing, that are looking for some sort of Holy Grail of marketing and sales. They are looking for some sort of system that will do the heavy lifting for them. Ideally, they’d like to find someone who would do the work for them. I’m not saying that all network marketers are like that, but I’m willing to say that I believe that most network marketers are like that.


It’s part of the get rich quick culture. I think that it may be born of an entitlement attitude. I also believe that sponsors lead their recruits to believe that network marketing is something other than a do it yourself business. A prospect is told that “they will be in business for themselves, but not by themselves.” Which is one of the biggest lies told in network marketing.


I want to know how many times have you been given help and training by your sponsor or from anyone in your upline? I’m sure that there are a lot of good uplines out there that have provided meaningful and effective training to their downline, but that hasn’t seemed to help the success rate.


Am I bashing sponsors and uplines? Well, yes! If a prospect is told that they won’t have to run their network marketing business, alone, then they should be given all the help that they need. If a prospect joins the business and doesn’t get any of that promised help, then they were basically “tricked” into the business. This is just one of the multitude of things that are wrong with network marketing.


More than likely, you’re not going to get any help in this business. I’d suggest that you take responsibility for yourself and your own success. You’re probably not going to get very much help from your sponsor or upline, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and find the help you need.


There are many avenues that you go down to get that help. You can hire a mentor. That would be someone to work with 1 on 1. You’ll get the personal help that is tailored to your specific needs. This type of training can cut years off of your learning curve. I believe that this is the best and most effective way to learn the skills that you’ll need in order to be successful. The down side is that it can be, relatively, expensive.


You could also buy courses, books and CDs. This is probably the most cost effective way to lean how to run your business. Most network marketing courses are $300 or less. You can buy most books and CDs for less than $20.00. This method will probably take longer as you try to learn and implement all of the knowledge.


You can also go out on your own and try to learn how to run your business by trial and error. Often this is the method that takes the longest and is the most expensive. Most people who choose this method will quit in their first 90 days or so.


The bottom line is that you are responsible for what happens to you, in this business. Will you choose success or failure? It’s all up to you!


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