Network marketing is easy, right?


Network marketing is pretty simple


network marketing is simple


Over the years, I’ve written a lot about how simple network marketing really is. That’s the upside. The downside is that network marketing isn’t easy. That would seem to be contradictory, on the surface. It’s not and let’s see why.


There are many different ways to build a network marketing business. Let’s look at two of them and see what we can expect.


The first way that we will look at is working your warm market.


Your warm market is made up of all the people that you already know. They are your friends, your relatives, your co-workers, your neighbors and anyone else that you know fairly well. Network marketing companies and sponsors around the world will tell you that this is the place to start to build your business. They all tell you to do this because you know these people and they know you. You already have some sort of relationship with them. They all like to some degree and some of them probably trust or at least they would tell you that they trust you.


It would seem that this is fertile ground in which to grow your business. The problem with your warm market is that most people don’t have a lot of influence with them. The other problem is that they know you and they know that you’ve never achieved big things in your life. They also know that you’ve never owned your own business and if you have you probably weren’t overly successful.


You probably don’t have a lot of credibility with your warm market and that’s the biggest problem with working your network marketing business there.


The second way that you can work your business is in the cold market. The cold market is anyone who isn’t in your warm market.


There are pros and cons to working in the cold market.


network marketing in the cold market


The biggest con is that no one knows you, there. They don’t know you or like you or trust you … yet.


The biggest pro is that no one knows you. They don’t know that you aren’t a successful business person. They don’t know anything about you. If you can talk the talk you can convince people that you at least have some credibility.


To them, you will be an expert at whatever you are doing. All you have to do is know a little more information than they know.


All of that is fine an dandy, but how is network marketing difficult, but simple?


It’s simple in the fact that you just have to get to know someone and ask them if they have any interest in learning more about your products or the business opportunity. It’s difficult because, to most people, because asking someone if they want to learn more about a product or business opportunity is scary as anything. I mean, what will the other person say or how will they react? That’s enough to keep most people from ever achieving anything in their business! That’s enough to make most distributors keep their mouths shut. That’s what most distributors do.


network marketing isn't for quiet people


The only advice that I can offer you is to work in the cold market. You need to meet new people and develop a rapport with them. Then ask them to take a look at what you have to offer. You should be looking to solve a prospect’s problems. If they need your products, to solve their problems, then give them a demonstration of your products. If they are looking to make some extra money and that would solve their problems then show them your compensation plan.


If you are working in the cold market, if anyone totally flips out, you don’t ever have to see them again. Most people, who are friends or at least acquaintances, aren’t going to flip out. They will be polite and just turn you down. Don’t be surprised if they avoid you in the future.


The object is to do a presentation that is respectful and that will allow you to stay in touch and do your follow ups.


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