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This may be why they quit network marketing


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I remember, several years ago, I saw an interview with the guy who invented the Body by Jake Bun and Thigh Rocker. He did several other products and sold them through his infomercials. His name is Jake Steinfeld.


He is an interesting guy and the interview was really good. The interviewer asked him what percentage of people who bought his exercise machines actually used them. Jake said that he wasn’t sure. The interviewer told him that according to market research that a mere 2% of those who bought the machine used them to exercise. The follow up question was, “Do you feel bad about selling the machines since so few people use them?”


His answer was great. He replied, “No, I sell a machine that will do what it says it will do. It’s not my fault that people won’t do the work.”


I’ve wondered, for many years, why people would pay a fair amount of money to join a network marketing company only to do nothing with it.


I think I have my answer.


network marketing's biggest mystery solved


It must be just like the people who buy an exercise machine. People who buy Jake’s machines are watching a glitzy infomercial with people with great bodies. It looks good and the viewers want to look like the models on the commercial, so they buy the machine.


The machine arrives at their home and they take it out of the box. They get it all set up and then look at it. It’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of time to be able to have a chance at looking like the models on Jake’s infomercial.


A lot of time and a lot of work. That can’t be very appealing to most people. The idea of looking like a model had great appeal, but doing the work for an extended period of time kills that idea.


This has to be what happens to most people who sign up with a network marketing company.


The idea of having a lot of money and the time to enjoy it is what gets people to sign up, but when they open the box, they realize all of the work that it takes to reach their goals and all the time it will take and that’s the end of that.


If you look at the Income Disclosure Statements of the network marketing companies you can conclude that more people will try to make network marketing work than people will try the exercise machines.


I don’t think that all of those people who give up on network marketing have a lottery mentality. They see something that they want, they just don’t realize how much work is involved.


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