Is network marketing the greatest thing since sliced bread?



network marketing and sliced bread

I’ve been in and out of network marketing for more years than I care to mention. I’ve believed that there was no better business model than the one that we get to use in network marketing. What are the main selling points of MLM? What makes it so great?

The 4 main selling points that I hear the most are:

1. You get to make your own hours
2. You have no employees
3. You don’t have to carry any inventory
4. You can quit your job

Let’s take a look at each of these and see if MLM is the great thing on earth.

1. Setting your own hours is great, if you really get to do that. Most people who start in this business have another, full time job. The typical person works from 9AM-5PM. They get to do this for 5 days a week and 50 weeks per year. They do get their 2 weeks of vacation every year.

When, exactly, are you going to work your business? You don’t have a lot of choices. You do get to set your hours. Maybe you could start at 7:00PM each night and work until 9:00PM. Unless you have some sort of other commitment. You would have the option of running your business on the weekends. That’s a real option. Most people who work 40 hours per week are not going to like working on the weekend, but too bad! You have to work the business some time, right?


network marketing vs 9 to 5

2. You don’t have employees in network marketing. Technically, that’s true. The difference between an employee and a recruit is that you do not have to, directly, pay a recruit. Of course this means that you don’t get to tell them what to do and expect them to do it. You can’t discipline a recruit. You can’t even fire a recruit.

What happens if you to recruit someone who is very needy? A lot of these types of people will eat up your time and produce no results. Basically, you are working for free.

Hopefully, you will recruit someone, who will recruit someone, who finds that ever elusive home run hitter!

3. You don’t have to carry inventory in network marketing. This is actually true, now. It wasn’t always this way. You used to have to buy a lot of products in order to stay qualified to get paid. This meant that you had to use it all in a month’s time or you get another shipment and have to store the rest in your garage. I used to hear stories of distributors quitting and still having thousands of dollars of products stored, in their garage.


do you store your network marketing products

In recent years, the industry has seen the light and no longer requires distributors to buy so much product. For the most part, the MLM companies are willing to drop ship for their distributors. Does this mean no more storing products?

4. You can quit your job, once you make as much or more than you are making in your present job. I understand that this is a big draw for the network marketing industry. I read that the majority of people are working jobs that they don’t like. What better way to get someone interested in owning their own business?

I know it’s possible to do. You can make the time to run your business in your off hours and build it big. I’ve heard stories of people building big businesses in as little as 6 months and retiring a spouse. I’m sure that there are more people who took 6 years to build a business large enough to quit their job.


network marketing can be a 40 hour a week gig

One final thought. Let’s just say for the sake of argument that you find those few heavy hitters somewhere in your downline. You make it to the top of the pay plan and what happens next? You quit your job! Now you are just working in your network marketing company.

I’ve read many Income Disclosure Statements that show the people at the top of the pay plan are putting 40+ hours per week into their businesses.

Did you just trade your 40 hour per week job for a 40 hour per week business? Hopefully, you are making a lot more money working for yourself!

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