I wish the network marketing gurus would make up their minds


More duplication in network marketing


this isn't a network marketing guru


In my opinion, most people who see a network marketing plan and join that business are looking to make the big bucks! Granted, there are a lot of people who just want the discount on the products and there are a lot of people who join thinking that if they can get there products for free or maybe even make a few extra bucks every month. For the most part, I believe that people want to strike it rich and retire from their job.


How does the average network marketer have to do to go from $0.00 to rich? Well, the gurus would have you believe that you have to duplicate someone else’s business model. Apparently, it’s all about duplication. Duplication, duplication, duplication.


What normally happens in a successful network marketing business?


Sometimes, a distributor is a superstar. The just break loose right out of the gate. They find all the people they need on their own. They take off and never look back.


Are we to think that the masses should be able to duplicate that kind of business model?


I got an email from one of the network marketing gurus. I was expecting the usual rah-rah stuff. You know, the “you can do it if you work hard enough for long enough” kind of email. Much to my surprise, it was a link to an interview that the guru gave a couple of years ago. I read the entire email and this is an excerpt from it.


Let’s practice. Here’s a link to an interview on how I built six companies to the top so fast, doing nothing much my uplines had told me to do, doing what I could do most comfortably.”


Now I ask you, does that sound like duplication to you?


The key phrase in there is “… doing nothing much my uplines had told me to do …” That sounds like they went off of the network marketing reservation and did their own thing. Maybe they were innovators. I have no problem with that. If you’re an innovator, then by all means innovate!


is this what network marketing is supposed to be


It sounds to me like the gurus are the innovators and they want to tell the masses that everything that the masses do has to have the ability to be duplicated by everyone else. Everyone else needs to be a carbon copy of the innovator at the top. Sounds like a winning plan, right?


Then why aren’t more people more successful in the network marketing industry?


Another scenario for network marketing success might look like this:


A distributor recruits a handful of people. Maybe some of those people recruit a few distributors of their own. Those new people, in turn, find a few more people to recruit. They have themselves a fledgling business. After a while, the original distributor gains knowledge and experience. Now they are better at what they do. Then they learn that they should be getting in touch with their downline’s warm market. Once they do that, things can really get going. They start to work in their 3rd, 4th 5th levels deep. All of a sudden they find a superstar. That particular leg goes nuts.


Then they work, in depth, in another leg. The same thing happens. They have a second leg going nuts.


Meanwhile, some enterprising distributor, in another leg of their downline, finds a rock star on their own and life is good at this point. The distributor is well on their way to fame and fortune.


This scenario is a little easier to duplicate, but it’s still not easy. It also seems like a bit of luck is involved. You’re kind of hoping that you’ll find a great person somewhere in your downline’s warm market. Maybe it’s not all luck. Maybe it’s a matter of working until you find that needle in a haystack.


It was Samuel Goldwyn who said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”


What are you going to do while the gurus tell you to do one thing and they’re doing another?



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